Azure Administrator Training in Chennai

Microsoft Windows Azure Administrator Training

We are providing best Windows Azure Developer training in Chennai with experienced professionals. Our Windows Azure Developer syllabus very depth and carrier oriented. Using this course you can Azure setup and how to build application on Azure platform.

Microsoft Azure is a leading and enterprise grade Cloud Computing Platform. It providing PaaS, Saas to enterprises application. The new or existing organization can easily setup robust environment just some set of clicks and run their web application or enterprises application in secure manner

Orange TechnoMind providing the real-time and placement focused Tableau training in Chennai, This course syllabus covers basic to advanced level and it helps to get the placement in any MNC companies. We designed Windows Azure Developer training syllabus based on industry standard. Our trainers are certified and working professionals with hands on real time knowledges.

Using this course, you learns fundamental of Data Warehouse Concept and Design, Architecture of Tableau, ETL Process, Advanced Visualization and Dashboard,Calculated Fields and different kind of formatting features. And also you learn best practice to follow while developing Dashboard and Interviews and Certification Tips .


Windows Azure Developer course is designed for Microsoft Developers, Windows Administrator, Job Seekers and IT professionals who want to learn Cloud Computing Technology.

Microsoft Windows Azure Administrator Course Syllabus

Orange Techno mind Introduction to Cloud Computing

  • Understanding Cloud Computing
  • Benefit and Feature of Cloud Computing
  • Explain on Platform as a Service (PaaS), SaaS, IaaS
  • Cloud Trends
  • Public and Private Cloud
  • Principles of Parallel and Distributed Computing
  • Depth explain on Virtualization
  • Architecture of Cloud Computing
  • Major Player on Cloud Infrastructure

Orange Techno mind Getting Start with Microsoft Azure

  • Overview of Microsoft Azure
  • Explains on Azure Platform
  • Getting Access to Azure
  • Explain on Azure Resource Manager
  • Using Azure Portal
  • Manage Azure using Azure Portal
  • Manage Azure using Power Shell
  • Understanding on Management Services
  • Create and View Resources
  • Azure Open and Enterprise Licensing
  • Explain on Azure services

Orange Techno mind Managing with Azure networking

  • Overview of networking
  • Basics of Virtual Networks (VNet)
  • Explain on Address Spaces, Subnets and DNS Servers
  • Create and managing Azure virtual networks using Portal and Resource Manage Template
  • Reserved IP for VM
  • Configuring DNS
  • Setup Network Security Groups
  • Configuring Azure virtual network connectivity
  • Explain on Private Networks
  • Virtual Network-to-Virtual Network
  • Using Express Route
  • Using Point-to-Site virtual Private Networking

Orange Techno mind Working with Virtual Machines

  • Basic Concept on virtual machines
  • Explain on Service Level Agreement (SLA)
  • Understanding on Virtual Machine Models and Components
  • Planning for Azure virtual machines
  • Create virtual Machines using Portal and Template
  • Authoring Azure Resource using Manager templates
  • Setup Remote Access to Virtual Machine
  • Explain on Classic Virtual Machine

Orange Techno mind Configuration on virtual machines

  • Explain on Azure Storage Architecture
  • Disk Caching
  • Attach and Formatting Disks
  • Configuring availability
  • Desired state configuration (DSC)
  • Storage space–based volumes
  • Image Capture
  • Interacting with Azure Storage
  • Perform Import/ Export
  • Encrypting Disks

Orange Techno mind Working with Azure Storage

  • Explain on Standard and Premium Storage
  • Understanding Azure Storage Services (Blob, File, Table, Queue)
  • Azure Storage Architecture
  • Create Storage account
  • How to create Blob, File using Azure Portal and PowerShell
  • Customizing VM Storage

Orange Techno mind Working with Azure App service

  • Overview of App Service
  • Deployment in App Service
  • Deploy and maintaining web apps
  • Configuring web apps
  • Monitoring web apps and WebJobs
  • Traffic Manager

Orange Techno mind Working with Replication, Backup and Disaster Recovery

  • Understanding on Replication
  • Asynchronous vs Synchronous Replication
  • Failover with Azure
  • Planning for and implementing Azure Site Recovery
  • Implementing Azure Backup
  • Best practices on Replication and Backup policy

Orange Techno mind Working with Azure SQL Database

  • Overview of SQL Database on Azure
  • How to Deploy Azure SQL Database
  • Implementing and managing Azure SQL Database
  • Managing Azure SQL Database security
  • Monitoring SQL Database in Azure
  • Managing Azure SQL DB recovery
  • Import and Export Data

Orange Techno mind Working with Active Directory

  • Overview of Active Directory
  • Why need AD for Azure
  • Active Directory Configuration in Azure
  • Domain Controller in Azure
  • AD Federated Services in Azure
  • Custom domain
  • Monitoring Azure Active Directory

Orange Techno mind Azure Management and Automation

  • Overview of Management activities on Azure
  • Supporting Tools on Management
  • Azure SDK
  • Explain on Azure PowerShell Management
  • VM and Template Management
  • Azure VM agent

Orange Techno mind Best Practices and Certification Tips

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