Websphere MQ Admin Training in Chennai

IBM MQ Training in Chennai

Websphere MQ is one of the award winning product in middle, there are so many companies are using this product, it is prepared product for financial customer like Bank, Insurance and other domain.

We are providing Websphere Administration Training in Chennai, Websphere MQ Training in Chennai and IBM WebSphere Message Queue Training in Chennai.

This course is intended for System Administrators, Middleware Developer, System Architect who will be installation and faciliting Websphere MQ on the distributed platforms like Windows, AIX, and UNIX family. This course focuses on basic to advanced features and facilities on MQ such as installation, configuration, administration, pub/sub administration, security and monitoring the environment.

The students learn about messaging system, how to install Websphere MQ, setup queue manager environment, define and manage queues, message channels, distributed queuing, clusters, learn best practice monitoring the system and problem determination techniques. The course also helps to prepare for the WMQ certification tests. We are providing best Websphere MQ Admin Training in Chennai by industry experienced professionals.


This course is designed for technical professionals who require administrator skills for Websphere MQ on distributed platforms or who provide support on Websphere MQ and who wants to learn Websphere MQ for job switching and searching purpose.

Websphere MQ Administration Training Syllabus

Websphere Administration Training in Chennai Introduction of Websphere MQ concept and product Overview

  • What is Message Queue?
  • What is Server and Client?
  • Types of Queues and channels
  • Inter process communication
  • Dead Letter queue and handling
  • Triggering Concept and objects
  • Process definition and Name lists

Websphere Administration Training in Chennai Planning and Installation

  • Planning MQ server installation
  • Types of logging
  • Installation and verifying MQ Server
  • Installation and verifying MQ client

Websphere Administration Training in Chennai Configuration of Queue Manager

  • Creating Queue Manager and Objects
  • Distributed queuing
  • Pub/Sub system setup
  • Cluster setup and demo

Websphere Administration Training in Chennai Administering Queue Manager and environment

  • MQ internal files and configuration
  • Administering by WebSphere MQ Explorer
  • Local and Remote Queue Manager Administering and best practice
  • Backup and restoring MQ and objects

Websphere Administration Training in Chennai Security

  • Securing WebSphere MQ channels with SSL
  • Setup for securing access MQ Objects
  • Channel Exist

Websphere Administration Training in Chennai Monitoring and performance

  • Statistics and Accounting
  • Error logs
  • Trace facilities


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