UI Developer Training in Chennai

We are providing best UI Developer training in Chennai with experienced professionals. Our UI training syllabus very depth and carrier oriented. Using this training course you learns set of tools which is required to develop dynamic and highly efficient web applications

Orange TechnoMind providing real-time and placement focused UI Developer training in Chennai, This course covers basic to advanced level and it helps to get the placement in any MNC companies. We designed course syllabuses based on industry standard. Our trainers are experts and working professionals with hands on real time knowledges.

Using this course you learn fundamental of User Interfaces, HTM5, CSS3, Bootstrap, JQuery, Responsive web site and Angular tools. Most of the web application designers are using this tools for day-to-day activities


This course is designed for freshers and experience professionals who wants to learn responsive and dynamic web sites and web based applications.

UI Developer Training Syllabus

UI TrainingIntroduction to User Interface (UI) Technology

  • What is UI?
  • Power of UI Technology
  • UI Developer roles and Responsibilities
  • Current market requirements on UI
  • Explorer UI Tools in market

UI TrainingWeb Hosting

  • Overview of Web Hosting
  • Basic concept of Web Hosting
  • Major player on Web Hosting and domain
  • Explorer how to select Web Hosting
  • Web Hosting vs Cloud instances
  • Demonstration on how to do Web Hosting

UI TrainingIntroduction to HTML

  • What is HTML?
  • Basic HTML Concepts
  • The Structure of HTML Documents
  • Visual Design
  • Technology Design
  • Different version of HTML
  • Explorer GUI tool for HTML design

UI TrainingCommon HTML Tags

  • Structure of HTML
  • Document Types
  • HTML Elements
  • Core Attributes

UI TrainingHTML Links and Text

  • Basic concept of Links and URL
  • Relative URLs
  • How to linking in HTML
  • Anchor Attributes
  • Layout
  • Backgrounds
  • Colors and Text
  • Fonts
  • Header elements and Normal text

UI TrainingHTML Tables and Layouts

  • Introduction to Tables
  • Table Elements and Layouts
  • Table Usages
  • Frames
  • Floating Frames
  • Layers
  • Uses of Layers

UI TrainingHTML Forms

  • Basic concept on Forms
  • Where to use
  • Form Preliminaries
  • The FORM Element
  • Form Controls - Text controls, Input Types
  • Different Form Elements
  • Forms and Events

UI TrainingClient-side Program

  • What is Client-side and Server-side
  • Scripting and Objects
  • Plug-Ins - EMBED
  • ActiveX Controls
  • Java scripts and Applets

UI TrainingHTML Images and Media Types

  • Image Preliminaries
  • HTML Image Basics and ALT
  • How to setup Images as Buttons
  • Image Maps
  • Binary Objects
  • Audio and Video Supports
  • Media-Like Element

UI TrainingIntroduction to HTML5

  • What is HTML5?
  • HTML vs HTML5
  • Loose Syntax
  • New HTML5 Document Structure
  • Header
  • Footer
  • Navigation
  • MIME Types

UI TrainingHTML5 New Features

  • Explorer HTML5 Features
  • Canvas
  • Web Workers
  • Input Types

UI TrainingIntroduction to CSS

  • What is Cascading Style Sheets?
  • Advantages of CSS
  • CSS Versions
  • Explorer CSS3 Modules
  • Writing Simple CSS and attach HTML
  • Additional Tags in HTML5

UI TrainingWorking with CSS

  • Understanding Style Sheets
  • Internal or External references
  • Linking a Style Sheet
  • Understanding Selectors
  • The element Selector
  • The id Selector
  • The class Selector
  • Grouping Selectors
  • Pseudo-Classes and Pseudo-Elements

UI TrainingMultiple styles and Inheritance

  • Explains the Inheritance?
  • How to reuse Style sheet using Inheritance
  • How Styles Cascade
  • Controlling the Cascade
  • Selective Overriding

UI TrainingCSS Fonts and Text Formatting

  • Formatting Text
  • Using Fonts
  • Using Web Fonts
  • Explain about Discovering Google Web Fonts
  • Finding and Selecting Fonts
  • Adding Color to Text
  • How to Formatting Words and Letters
  • Adjusting the Space Between Lines
  • Types of Lists

UI TrainingTables and Forms

  • How to do Styling Tables
  • Styling Rows and Columns
  • How to Creating Borders
  • Adding Padding and Adjusting Alignment
  • Styling Forms
  • HTML Form Elements

UI TrainingCSS Transforms

  • Overview of Transforms
  • Rotate and Scale
  • Multiple Transformations
  • Adding a Transition
  • Working with translate
  • Working with rotate,scale
  • Working with skew
  • Working with matrix

UI TrainingCSS Page Layout

  • Overview of CSS Layout
  • Different Types of Web Page Layouts
  • Explorer Layout Strategies
  • Applying Floats to Layouts
  • Clearing and Containing Floats

JavaScript Training in Chennai Introduction to JavaScript

  • What is JavaScript?
  • Client-side scripting
  • Features of JavaScript
  • Development tools
  • Selecting the right tools for the job

JavaScript Training in Chennai Enabling Script

  • Why should enable script in browsers
  • JavaScript in famous browsers
  • Warning for non-JavaScript browsers

JavaScript Training in Chennai Writing Code in JavaScript

  • Writing Hello World script
  • Comments in JavaScript
  • Case sensitivity
  • Datatypes
  • Variables
  • Scope of variables
  • Operators
  • Conditional statements
  • Loop statements

JavaScript Training in Chennai Functions

  • Define function
  • Function with parameters
  • Calling functions
  • Nested function
  • Return statement
  • Array return
  • Handling return values

JavaScript Training in Chennai Working with numbers

JavaScript Training in Chennai Working with String

JavaScript Training in Chennai Working with Arrays

JavaScript Training in Chennai Working with Date

JavaScript Training in Chennai Working with RegExp

JavaScript Training in Chennai Handling Events

  • What is events
  • Onclick Event
  • onsubmit Event
  • onBlur form events
  • onFocus form events
  • keyboard events
  • Best practice handling events

JavaScript Training in Chennai Working with Cookies and sessions

  • What is cookies
  • How it works
  • Storing and reading cookie
  • Expiry cookie
  • Handling multiple cookies

JavaScript Training in Chennai Working with Objects

  • Object properties
  • Object methods
  • Usage ‘with’
  • User defined objects
  • Understanding the DOM
  • Legacy DOM
  • Process objects using DOM
  • Fields add / delete dynamically

JavaScript Training in Chennai Working with Forms

  • What is forms
  • JavaScript with HTML
  • Form objects
  • Form object properties
  • Form Validation
  • Submit action
  • Dynamic handling on forms
  • Data validation
  • Handling with form elements
  • Set /get on form fields

JavaScript Training in Chennai Document Object Model

  • What is DOM
  • Benefits of DOM
  • Window objects
  • Document objects
  • Navigator objects
  • History object
  • Location object

JavaScript Training in Chennai Errors and Exceptions

  • What is Errors
  • Syntax error and runtime errors
  • Try catch statement
  • onerror methods
  • throw statement

JavaScript Training in Chennai Debugging Scripts

  • Errors types
  • Error Messages
  • Manual Debugging Techniques
  • Testing scripts

UI TrainingIntroduction to jQuery

  • Why need jQuery?
  • jQuery fundamentals
  • Different version of jQuery
  • Plain JavaScript versus jQuery
  • install jQuery and setup Development Tools
  • jQuery and jQuery UI
  • Write simple jQeury Example
  • How to debug JavaScript and jQuery

UI TrainingjQuery Core

  • Structure of a jQuery Script
  • Utility Functions
  • jQuery Framework Structure
  • Basic understanding of DOM and Events

UI TrainingjQuery Selector

  • Overview of Selector
  • Understanding of DOM
  • How to use ${} function
  • Basic Selector
  • CSS Selector
  • Attribute Selector
  • Define Custom Selector
  • Using Filter Selector

UI TrainingWorking with Events

  • Basic concept on Events
  • Browser Event Model
  • Explain how jQuery Handles Events
  • Event Propagation
  • Capture User Interact
  • ion
  • Remove Event Handler
  • Inspecting the Event Instances
  • Advanced Events - Throttling Events, Extending Events

UI TrainingjQuery DOM

  • Explain DOM Structure and Access the Elements
  • How to Iterating jQuery Objects
  • Working with Content
  • Copying Elements
  • Generating HTML
  • Advanced DOM Manipulation
  • How to Store data in DOM elements


  • Understanding Forms
  • Using Form Validations
  • Working with HTML Form Elements
  • Explain how to load the data on demand
  • Error handing
  • Pass data to Server Dynamically
  • Handling Ajax Events
  • Applying Ajax with jQuery

UI TrainingJQuery Plugins

  • The Plugin Basics
  • Extend jQuery
  • UI plugin library
  • Using the dollar $
  • Adding Global functions
  • Create Plugin with jQuery UI widget

UI TrainingWorking with Styling

  • Explain how to Animating Elements
  • Modifying the CSS Properties
  • Resizing Elements
  • HTML5 Canvas
  • Custom Animations
  • Global effect properties
  • Using deferred objects

UI TrainingJQuery UI

  • jQuery UI Widgets
  • Explain how to do Autocomplete, Datepicker, Dialog
  • Dragging and Dropping
  • Resizing Elements
  • Progressbar

UI TrainingJQuery Testing

  • Explain about QUnit
  • Benefit ts of Unit Testing
  • Setup QUnit
  • How to setup and run QUnit
  • Assertions
  • Testing DOM Elements

UI TrainingIntroduction to Bootstrap

  • What is Bootstrap?
  • Mobile-first design
  • Responsive design basics
  • Bootstrap Includes
  • Bootstrap with web Applications
  • Write Simple Bootstrap Example
  • Bootstrap File Structure
  • Explain precompiled bundle

UI TrainingBootstrap Layouts

  • Define HTML Structure for Bootstrap
  • HTML Elements
  • How to controlling Elements across the Devices
  • Responsive Images
  • Working with Containers
  • Create three-column Layout

UI TrainingBootstrap Grid

  • Overview of Grid Classes
  • How to add rows and columns
  • Customizing the grid
  • Grid Variables and Mixins

UI TrainingBootstrap with CSS

  • Understanding how to use Bootstrap base CSS3
  • Typographic elements
  • HTML FORM and Tables
  • Basic HTML elements
  • Responsive classes
  • Rendering images
  • The grid system

UI TrainingBootstrap Components

  • Glyphicons
  • Dropdowns
  • Creating a Footer
  • Form Validation
  • Page header
  • Progress Bars and Indicators
  • Pagination
  • Button Groups and Toolbar
  • Alert
  • Creating and customizing forms

UI TrainingWorking with jQuery Plugins

  • JavaScript APIs
  • JavaScript events
  • Packaging add-ons
  • Using popover Components
  • Collapse Component
  • Scrollspy Plugin
  • Tab Plugin
  • Tooltip Plugin
  • How to customizing Plugins

UI TrainingWorking with FlexBox

  • Basic concept of FlexBox
  • How to Ordering and Wrapping Flexbox
  • Bootstrap Flexbox layout grid

UI TrainingIntroduction to Angular

  • What is Angular?
  • Why Need of Angular?
  • Different version of Angular
  • AngularJS vs Angular
  • Features of the Angular Framework
  • Installation and environment Setup
  • Use cases of Angular Application
  • UI TrainingWeb Application and AJAX Communication

  • Overview of Client and Server
  • Server-Side part of Web Application
  • Client-Side part of Web Application
  • Callbacks
  • JSON format
  • UI TrainingAngularJS vs Angular

  • Overview of AngularJS
  • New version of Angular
  • High level discussion of Scope, Controllers and Component

  • TypeScript Syntax
  • Defining Variables
  • Classes
  • Interfaces
  • Different Types
  • Arrow Functions
  • Modules
  • Functions
  • UI TrainingWorking with Node

  • Configure Node
  • Explain Node Package Manager (NPM)
  • Install and Uninstall Module
  • How to update Node Modules
  • Package.json
  • Node_Modules
  • UI TrainingComponent in Angular

  • Explain Component
  • Component Starter
  • Component Template
  • Component Styles and Classes
  • Selector
  • UI TrainingWorking with Data Binding

  • Overview of Data Binding
  • Example of Data Binding in Login Form
  • One-Way Binding
  • Two-Way Binding
  • Binding Events
  • Binding Events Examples
  • Event Handling
  • UI TrainingWorking with Modules

  • Explaining the Modules
  • Different types of Modules
  • Root Module
  • Routing Module
  • Shared Module
  • JavaScript Modules
  • UI TrainingDirective

  • Overview of Directives
  • Different Type of Directives
  • nglf, ngFor and ngClass
  • How to Create Directive
  • Applying Styles Directly
  • Controlling Element Visibility
  • Accessing DOM Events
  • UI TrainingStructural Directives

  • Adding and Removing Elements Dynamically
  • Looping Using ngFor
  • ngFor – Basic Syntax
  • ngFor – Full Template Syntax
  • Creating Tables with ngFor
  • ngFor Local Variables
  • ngFor Changes in the backing data source
  • Swapping Elements with ngSwitch
  • ngSwitch – Basic Syntax
  • ngSwitch – Full Template Syntax
  • UI TrainingOverview of Responsive Web Design

    • What is Responsive
    • Responsive Design and Benefit
    • Responsive Design vs Device-Specific

    UI TrainingResponsive Content

    • Explain Content Strategy
    • Developing Content
    • Adaptive Content

    UI TrainingHTML, CSS for Responsive Sites

    • Structural Elements
    • Create Responsive Page in HTML
    • Semantic HTML
    • Using the Cascade
    • Positioning and Display
    • Apply Basic Styles
    • CSS Frameworks
    • Explain different type of Layouts
    • Fixed Width Layouts
    • Elastic Layouts
    • Fluid Layouts

    UI TrainingMedia Queries

    • Overview of Media Types and Queries
    • Media Query Structure
    • Media Queries in Style sheet Links
    • How to use @import
    • Two-Column Layout

    UI TrainingOptimizing Responsive Sites

    • Measuring Performance
    • Minimizing HTTP Requests
    • How to Web Pages are Loaded and Rendered to optimize
    • Improving Network Performance
    • Server-Side Optimization

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