Selenium with C# Training in Chennai

selenium with C# training in chennai
Course Content

Selenium Overview

Selenium is an open source web automation framework which can used to perform testing web applications. Selenium works on multiple browsers like Chrome, Firefox, IE, Edge, Safari etc. It works with Java, C#, Perl, Ruby, Python and Groovy programming languages to automate the browser activities.

C# Overview

C# is a general-purpose object-oriented programming language derived from C++ and Java. C# is easy for developers who have knowledge of C, C++ or Java.

About Selenium with C# Training

C# is another language binding of Selenium WebDriver.This for those who want to learn and automate the application with Selenium in C#. C# has more sophisticated IDE i.e. Visual Studio, which gives faster development and debugging experience compared to Java eclipse. You can use Selenium with C# to run automated tests on mobile and desktop browsers in the cloud

What you will learn from Selenium with C# course?

Using this you will learn Selenium functions and its components, object-oriented programming concepts, work with the various Selenium selectors like ID, Name, Class Name, CSS Path and XPath selectors and also how to work with special elements like Input boxes, Check boxes, Radio buttons, Drop down menus, JavaScript Alert boxes, Implicit and Explicit Waits and Logging in Test Automation.

Selenium with C# Training in Chennai

Orange TechnoMind offers Selenium with C# training centres are equipped with excellent lab facilities and infrastructure. Selenium with C# training in Chennai conducted on day time classes, weekend training classes, evening batch classes and fast track training classes.

Selenium Training with Certification

At the end of the training the aspirants will receive Course Completion Certification along with 100% job placement assistance And also, you will be able to automate any web based application. Through this Selenium training we provide you the required knowledge, job support we also prepares you for the Certified Selenium Professional Certification exam .

Selenium with C# Training Chennai Benefits

  • Learn to understand Selenium Architecture and its Components
  • Learn the concepts of Selenium Frameworks
  • Learn to understand Selenium Web driver
  • Learn to understand the concepts of OOPS
  • Learn the concepts of C#
  • Learn to work on Graphic User Interface
  • Learn to Locating web elements with WebDriver
  • Practical hands-on learning with real time projects
  • Boost your resume with skill-based credentials


Orange TechnoMind will teach you the Selenium applications with real time use cases. Our trainers from corporate professional will share their knowledge during the classes.

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Selenium with C# Syllabus

Selenium with C# Training in Chennai Introduction to Selenium

  • What is Automation Testing?
  • Why need for Automation Testing for Applications?
  • Benefit and Features of Automation Testing
  • Automation Testing Tools in Market
  • Explaining about Selenium
  • Selenium Component and Features
  • Selenium vs other Automation Testing Tools
  • Supporting Languages in Selenium
  • C# supports on Selenium

Selenium with C# Training in Chennai Getting Start with C#

  • Prerequisites to Install Required Software
  • Installation of Visual Studio
  • Create a Simple Project and shows how to run
  • Exploring Menus option in Visual Studio
  • Explaining about Types of Visual Studio Project
  • Debugging Basics
  • Unit Test Project

Selenium with C# Training in Chennai Programming Basics

  • Declare and Assign Variables
  • Control Statements - Switch Statement, Break Statement
  • Different Types of Loops - While Loop, For Loop, Nested Loop
  • Built-in-function and Custom Declare Function
  • Formating Test for Output

Selenium with C# Training in ChennaiExplaining about OOPs Concept

  • Classes and Objects
  • Inheritance
  • Abstract Classes and Methods
  • Polymorphism
  • Declare Methods and Constructors
  • Static Method
  • Method Overriding
  • Virtual Keyword
  • How to use Collections
  • Arrays vs Collections
  • Interfaces and Implementation of Interfaces
  • Exception Handling
  • Try Catch Blocks
  • The finally block
  • Throw keyword
  • User defined exceptions
  • Exception handling best practices
  • Regular Expressions
  • Lambda Expressions

Selenium with C# Training in Chennai Selenium WebDriver

  • Introduction to Selenium WebDriver
  • Benefit of WebDriver
  • Install Selenium WebDriver
  • Setup ChromeDriver

Selenium with C# Training in Chennai Locating web elements with WebDriver

  • Overview of Elements and Identification
  • Find element by Id and Name
  • Find element by Link Text
  • Find element by XPath and Tag Name
  • Find element by CSS Selector

Selenium with C# Training in Chennai Working With Hyper link

  • Explaining about Hyper link
  • Click a link by ID and Test
  • Click a link by XPath
  • Click a link with exact same label
  • How to Verify that a link is exists or not

Selenium with C# Training in Chennai Working With GUI

  • Overview of GUI Component
  • Click a button in form
  • Submit a form
  • Click a button by Id and Name
  • Explaining about TextField and TextArea
  • Find Text in Text Field by Id and Name
  • Select a Radio Button
  • Clear Radio Option Selection
  • Assert a Radio Option is Selected
  • Check by Id and name

Selenium with C# Training in Chennai Implicit and Explicit Waits

  • Explaining about Synchronizing Test
  • Using Implicit Wait
  • Using Explicit Wait
  • Waiting for alerts
  • custom wait conditions

Selenium with C# Training in Chennai Logging in Test Automation

  • Basic Understanding of NLog
  • Install and Verify NLog
  • Layout in NLog
  • How to Capture log Records

Selenium with C# Training in Chennai Selenium with C# Training in Chennai Best Practices to use Selenium in real time

Trainer Profile

  • Our Trainers has extensive experience in the field of both Automation and manual testing
  • Our Trainers used the latest methodology, case studies, and more to help students understand a topic in detail
  • We mentored many professionals in India and abroad with Online Training that anyone can understand and implement
  • Have experienced Quality Assurance Automation Engineer with a demonstrated history of working in the information technology and services industry
  • Best to help our candidates by teaching them with real-world scenarios, real-time projects, job support, and prepare them for interviews as well

Placement Assistance after training in Chennai

  • We have dedicated team to find and arrange interviews for completed students
  • The student would be prepared for an interview while learning the courses
  • Tie up with Authorized Training Center, which helps guidance for certification
  • Associated with Hiring HRs in multinational companies
  • Help the students in resume preparation
  • Best Practices for interview Preparation Techniques
  • We have separate student portals for placement, where you will get all the interview schedules and notifications send through Emails.

Queries You may have

It required some basic understanding of HTML Concepts,any programming language
The instructors are practitioners from the Industry with minimum 7 yrs of relevant IT experience. They are subject matter experts and working professionals.
We will arrange free demo for all our trainee before enroll any courses. Trainee have all rights to choose suitable trainers and course content
We provides this course in online as well for who can not attend this course in class room they can take from online


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