SaltStack Training in Chennai

We are providing best Salt Certification Training in Chennai with experienced professionals. Our Salt training syllabus very depth and carrier oriented. Using this course you learn from beginner level to advanced concept on Salt and DevOps technology.

Salt is a Python based open source configuration management tool which helps to enterprise servers to automate the management of data center infrastructure and application environments. It has very powerful remote execution engine allowing users to execute large volume of commands on remote systems in milliseconds. There are huge job opening for this tool with other DevOps tools.


This course is designed for Technical Professionals, Architect and Infrastructure Administrator who wants to learn Salt for day to day activities or knowledge purpose.

SaltStack Training Syllabus

salt training in chennaiIntroduction to Salt

  • What is Salt?
  • Benefit of Salt tool
  • Architecture of Salt
  • Topology Option
  • Concept of Salt
  • How Salt Communicates

salt training in chennaiInstallation and Configuration

  • Pre-requisite
  • Installing Salt
  • Configuring Salt
  • Basic Commands
  • Key Management

salt training in chennaiExecution Modules

  • Basics of Execution Module
  • Manage Users and Packages
  • Common Execution Modules
  • Call from Master
  • Salt Utilities

salt training in chennaiConfiguration

  • Overview of State File
  • Our First State
  • Dissect State Functions
  • State Ordering

salt training in chennaiExpanding Salt

  • Overview of YAML, Jinja
  • Write Reusable State
  • Custom Execution Module
  • Custom Grains
  • Configuring States Using Pillar
  • Debugging Jinja
  • Custom Runners

salt training in chennaiworking with Events and the Reactor

  • Overview of Salts Events
  • Configure Sending Custom Events
  • Trigger Actions with Salts Reactor
  • Integrating Salt with other tools

salt training in chennaiWorking with Salt WebService

  • Overview of REST API
  • Installing and Configuring API
  • Invoke External system using Salt-API

salt training in chennaiBest Practices

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