Salesforce Administrator Training in Chennai

Salesforce Administrator Training

We are providing best Salesforce Developer training in Chennai with experienced professionals. Our Salesforce Developer training syllabus very depth and carrier oriented. Using this course you learn from beginner level to advanced concept on Salesforce Developer and Cloud computing technology

Orange Technomind providing real-time and placement focused Salesforce Developer training in Chennai, This course syllabus covers basic to advanced level and it helps to get the placement in any MNC companies. We are designed Salesforce Developer training syllabus based on industry standard. Our trainers are experts and working professionals with hands on real time knowledges

Using this course you learns fundamental of Salesforce, Visualforce, Apex programing and customization of Salesforce application. And also you learn advanced Configuration and Best Practises on Salesforce application development


This course is designed for Technical Professionals, Architect and Developer and individuals who wants to learn Salesforce platform for day to day activities or knowledge purpose

Salesforce Admin Training Syllabus

Orange Technomind Overview of CRM

  • What is CRM
  • Basic entities of CRM
  • Need for CRM module in organization
  • CRM Navigation terminology
  • Salesforce as CRM Setup

Orange Technomind Overview of Cloud

  • What is Cloud Computing?
  • Main objectives for Cloud
  • Benefit and features of Cloud Services
  • Overview of Iaas, Paas, Saas
  • Private Cloud
  • Hybrid Cloud

Orange Technomind Introduction to Salesforce

  • Understanding Salesforce
  • Feature and benefit of Salesforce
  • Product editions of
  • What is platform
  • Org settings
  • Different type of Sandbox environment

Orange Technomind Working with Customization

  • Understanding Salesforce Customization
  • Organization Setup
  • Create personal Setup Link using standard custom links
  • Automatic collapsing chatter
  • Remove Chatter feeds
  • Customization on Home page
  • Advanced User Management
  • Create custom profile and fields
  • Customize validation
  • Create an App
  • Update Fiscal year

Orange Technomind Working with Sales Cloud

  • Overview of Sales Cloud
  • List views
  • Create Accounts and Contact
  • Create Product and Opportunities
  • Activities
  • Record Types
  • Individual and Group emails
  • Create Campaigns

Orange Technomind Working with Service Cloud

  • Overview of Service Cloud
  • Create cases
  • Create cases with assignment rule
  • Enable solutions
  • Configure knowledge
  • Web-to-Case form

Orange Technomind Working with Quote

  • Overview of Quote template
  • Create and modify Quote template
  • Generate quote PDF

Orange Technomind Working with Relationships and Data

  • Understanding of Relationship
  • Create Relationship
  • Adding Fields
  • Lookup Relationship
  • Rollup summary fields
  • Many-to-Many Relationship
  • Record Types
  • Picklists
  • Validation Rules

Orange Technomind Working with AppExchange

  • Overview of AppExchange
  • AppExchange
  • Search and Selecting an App
  • Finding a resource (Developer, Consultant)

Orange Technomind Working with Search Layout

  • Overview of Search Layout
  • Lookup dialog
  • Search Filter and results
  • Lookup Dialogs

Orange Technomind Working with Chatter

  • Overview of Chatter
  • Enable Chatter
  • Create group
  • Configure Chatter group
  • Customizing Chatter
  • Configure Salesforce1
  • Customizing libraries
  • Sharing account via Salesforce platform

Orange Technomind Working with Reports and Analytics

  • Introduction to Reports
  • Different type of Report formats
  • Create Chart Report
  • Create Leads, Opportunity Report
  • Create Campaign Reports
  • Scheduling Reports
  • Summary reports
  • Data filters
  • Product wise reports
  • Dashboard
  • Export Reports to Excel

Orange Technomind Working with Dashboards

  • Overview of Dashboard
  • Feature and benefit of Dashboard
  • Dashboard components
  • Manipulation on Dashboard (Create/Modify/Refresh/Filter)
  • Dynamic Dashboards
  • Report builder
  • Managing access on reports

Orange Technomind Working with Roles and Security

  • Overview of Roles and Hierarchy
  • Create/view Role Hierarchy
  • Create group
  • Assign roles to user to group
  • Permission Sets
  • Overview of Security
  • Modify & View default access
  • Sharing setting
  • Login flow
  • Session management
  • Network access
  • Certificate management
  • Admin delegation
  • Setting on remote site
  • Security on file upload & download

Orange Technomind Working with Profiles

  • Overview of Profile and Standard profile
  • Assigning page layout
  • General and privileged permission
  • Field level security
  • Custom object permission
  • Password policies
  • Enable Apex access

Orange Technomind Working with Data Management

  • Overview of Data Management
  • Install Data Loader
  • Manipulation records using Data Loader
  • Scheduling data export
  • Importing leads, contact and account
  • Working with Tags
  • Reporting snapshots

Orange Technomind Working with Communities

  • Overview of Communities
  • Create new community
  • Reputation management
  • Topic management
  • Adding members
  • Managing tabs

Orange Technomind Working with Email Templates

  • Introduction to Templates
  • HTML using Letter Head
  • Text based
  • Custom
  • Visualforce

Orange Technomind Working with Workflow Rules

  • Overview of Workflow rules
  • Create Workflow rule
  • Workflow rule task assignment
  • Workflow rule field update
  • Email alert
  • Outbound message

Orange Technomind Deployment

  • Overview of Deployment
  • Change sets and types
  • Inbound and outbound change sets
  • Sandboxes
  • Setting on deployment
  • Deployment status

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