R Programming Training in Chennai

R Programming Training in Chennai
Course Content
We are providing best R Programming Training in Chennai with experienced professionals. Our R training syllabus very depth and carrier oriented. Using this course you can learn fundamental of R and how to apply R programming on Statistical Analysis, Graphs and Reporting.

What is R Programming Language?

R is free tool under GNU license for statistical analyis, machine learning and reporting. It providing very rich features for analyis and this tool widely using many leading organizations. Using R tool features can write efficient data handling utilities and data analysis applications.

Our R Programming Language Training in Chennai

Orange TechnoMind providing the real-time and placement focused R Training in Chennai, This course syllabus covers basic to advanced level and it helps to get the placement in any MNC companies. We designed R training syllabus based on industry standard.

What will you learn from Data Science in R Training Course

Using this course, you can learn the fundamental of R Programming, Data Structure, Basic Statistics, Time-Series, Graphs and features. And also you learn best practices to follow while writing the code and elaborate discussion with third-party R packages.

About R Programming for Data Science Online Course

Learn Online R Programming Course to build your skills and enhance your career.Learn to write and use R program code for effective data analysis. Give an edge to your career with R Programming for Data Science Training Course from the Best Data Analytics Training Institute in Chennai.

Key Features of R Programming Course

  • Understand the fundamentals of R Programming language
  • Learn to Understand Data Manipulation in R
  • Understand the Data Visualization
  • Understand the concept of Data Mining
  • Learn to Install various software packages and work effectively in the R environment
  • Learn the concepts of Stack, Merge and Strsplit
  • Learn to understand the advanced concepts of R
  • Learn to understand Data handling and storage

What we do at Orange TechnoMind for R Programming?

Learn R Course from the Best Data Analytics Training Institute.we are providing best R programming language training with more real time scenarios. Using this Course you learn very in-depth of R language for Data Science and Machine Learning.

Why Data Science with R Programming Institute in Chennai?

Take up R Programming Course and become a Data Scientist with Certification and Job Placement learning from Top Working Professionals. We Guarantee Your R Programming Training with Certification Success in Chennai.


R Programming is designed for Developers, Data Scientist, Job Seekers and IT professionals who want to learn Data Science or Machine Learning using R language.

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R Programming Syllabus

Orange Techno mind Introduction to R

  • What is R Programming?
  • Why use R?
  • Download and Installing R on OS
  • Verify the Installation
  • Understanding on Standard Command Packages and Extra Packages
  • Install Extra Packages
  • Loading Packages
  • Environment Setup for R
  • getting help in R
  • R console and Editor

Orange Techno mind Basics on R

  • Working with Variables in R
  • Vectors
  • Basic Statistics
  • Sequences
  • Matrices
  • List
  • Arithmetic Operation on Vector
  • Data frames
  • Factors
  • Working with Functions
  • Loop statements FOR, WHILE, IF
  • Logical Operators on R
  • Working with Strings and Dates

Orange Techno mind Working with Input and Output

  • How to get input from Keyboard or User
  • Write data on Output Screen and Redirect to File
  • How to Read and Write data from excel
  • Importing data from SAS / Tabular Data File
  • How to Accessing database
  • Save Data to Transporting Objects

Orange Techno mind Working with Data Structure

  • Overview of Data Structure
  • Depth understanding on Vector, List, Scalars, Arrays, Factors, Data Frames
  • Manipulation data using Data Structure
  • Explain on Recycling Rule
  • Initializing Data Frame from Column and Row

Orange Techno mind Basic Statistics

  • Understanding on Statistics
  • How it helps for Data Analysis
  • Statistics using R
  • Descriptive Statistics
  • Generating Frequency tables
  • Different Types of Correlations
  • Explain on T-tests
  • Explain on Regression
  • OLS Regression
  • Logistic Regression
  • Poisson Regression
  • Corrective Measures
  • Analysis of Variance
  • Explain on ANOVA Models
  • One-way and Two-way factorial ANOVA

Orange Techno mind Working with Time Series

  • Overview of Time Series
  • Create Time-Series Objects
  • Explain on forecasting models
  • Exponential forecasting models
  • ARIMA forecasting models

Orange Techno mind Working with Graphs

  • Overview of Graphs on R
  • How to Write Bar Plots using R
  • Pie Charts
  • Dot Plots
  • ggplot2 package
  • Axes
  • Themes
  • Saving Generating Graphs
  • Faceting

Orange Techno mind R Package

  • Overview of Package
  • Explain on Source Packages, Bundled Packages, In-Memory Packages
  • Create Package
  • Package Components
  • Explain on Package Metadata
  • Namespace
  • Create documentation for package
  • Building the Package

Orange Techno mind Case Studies and Best Practices on R

Trainer Profile

  • More than 10+ Years of experiences on programming and ETL
  • Trainers have experienced on multiple real-time projects in their Industries
  • Strong Practical and Industries Knowledge
  • Are certified Professionals with High Grade
  • Have experiences on ETL

Placement Assistance after training in Chennai

  • Dedicated team to find and arrange interviews for completed students
  • Student would be prepared for interview while learning the courses
  • Resume preparation tips and samples
  • Tie up with Authorized Training Center which helps guidance for certification
  • Are Well connected with Hiring HRs in multinational companies

Queries You may have

It required basic understanding of any programming language and about basic information about data
The instructors are practitioners from the Industry with minimum 7 yrs of relevant IT experience. They are subject matter experts and working professionals.
We will arrange free demo for all our trainee before enroll any courses. Trainee have all rights to choose suitable trainers and course content
We provides this course in online as well for who can not attend this course in class room they can take from online


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