Perl Language Training in chennai

Perl Language Training

We are providing best Perl training in Chennai with experienced professionals. Our Perl training syllabus very depth and carrier oriented. Using this course you can learn Scripting language and Perl usage in application from corporate professionals.

Perl is a programming language, especially designed for text based processing. It supports different types of platforms like Windows, version of UNIX and other also. The main purpose of Perl for text manipulation, Administration, network programming and GUI development.

There are so many opportunities available around the world for Perl developers. Using this course you can learn easily Perl and get change to work in reputed MNC companies or improve your knowledge.

Orange techno mind provides real-time and placement focused Perl training in Chennai, this course syllabus covers basic to advanced level and it helps to get the placement in any MNC companies. We designed Perl syllabus based on industry standard.

Using this course, you will learn fundamental of Perl script, exception handling, file operation, threads, connectivity with DataBase and advanced concept. And also you learn how to write efficient application using Perl scripting language.

Orange techno mind will teach you Perl training with hands on experience from the best experienced professionals who are working in best software industry.

Orange techno mind will teach you RedHAt Linux Administration training with hands on experience from the best experienced professionals who are working in best software industry.


This course is designed for students, jobseekers, developers, system engineer, infrastructure engineer and software professionals who want to learn python scripting language.

Perl Training Syllabus

Perl Training in Chennai Introduction of Perl

  • What is Perl
  • Scripts Vs Programs
  • Features of Perl
  • New version of Perl
  • Who can use Perl

Perl Training in Chennai Environment Setup

  • Installation of Perl
  • Running Perl
  • First Perl program

Perl Training in Chennai Data types and Operation

  • Identifiers
  • File extension
  • Numeric
  • String
  • User defined variables
  • Scalar type
  • Lists and Arrays
  • Hashes
  • Logical operator
  • Special variables

Perl Training in Chennai Conditional and Loop Statements

  • Decision making statements
  • While Loop
  • Until Loop
  • For and foreach Loop
  • Nested and Infinite Loop
  • Next statement
  • Redo and goto statement

Perl Training in Chennai Arrays and Hashes

  • Define and access array
  • Operation on Arrays
  • $[Special variable
  • Define and access Hashes
  • Extracting keys and values

Perl Training in Chennai Subroutine

  • Define and call subroutine
  • Pass arguments
  • Passing objects
  • Private variables
  • Subroutine call context
  • Dereferencing
  • Circular referencing
  • Function references

Perl Training in Chennai File process

  • CRUD operation on files
  • Read from keyboard
  • File object attributes
  • Sysopen function
  • Read and Write on files
  • Input and Raw-input function

Perl Training in Chennai Regular Expressions

  • Advantage of Regular Expressions
  • Match Operator
  • Matching Only one
  • Matching Boundaries
  • G Assertion
  • Translation operator and modifiers

Perl Training in Chennai DataBase Access

  • Overview of MySQL
  • Architecture of DBI applications
  • Connection with DataBase
  • Create/Update/Delete operation on tables
  • Automatic Error handling
  • DBI function

Perl Training in Chennai Packages and Modules

  • Overview of packages
  • Perl Modules
  • Require and use function
  • Create the Perl Module tree
  • Begin and End Blocks

Perl Training in Chennai Process Management

  • System() function
  • Fork function
  • Kill function
  • Backstick

Perl Training in Chennai Network

  • Overview of Sockets
  • Server / Client Sockets
  • General socket methods
  • Internet Modules

Perl Training in Chennai Exception Handling

  • Overview of exception and error
  • Exception handling
  • Warn and die function
  • Errors within Modules
  • Carp Function
  • Cluck and croak function

Perl Training in Chennai Real Time Samples

Perl Training in Chennai Best practice


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