SOA Administration Training in Chennai

Oracle SOA Admin Training in Chennai

We are providing best Oracle SOA administrator training in Chennai with experienced professionals. Our Oracle SOA training syllabus very depth and carrier oriented. Using this course you can learn OSB administrator from beginner level to advanced techniques which is taught by working professionals.

We are the leading Oracle Training institute in Chennai offers SOA Admin Training in Chennai.

Oracle SOA is one of the best products for application integration, the product supports a wide range of protocols, it supports a board range of data formats and it supports many operations like intelligent routing, transformation, enriching, monitoring, distribution, etc. There are so many clients are using this product for application integration.

This Oracle SOA Administration training teaches you how to install and configure Oracle Service Bus and related components. Our Expert help you gain hands-on experience administering its different components by using the Service Bus Console and Enterprise Manager Fusion Middleware Control. And also you learn service level agreements, migration, automate OSB and SOA task and monitor service bus health.


This course is designed for middleware application developers, administrator and integration middleware architect and IT professionals who wants to learn Oracle Service Bus admin courses in very depth

SOA Administrator Training Syllabus

Orange Techno mind Introduction to SOA

  • What is SOA?
  • Explain SOA standards
  • Explaining components in Oracle SOA
  • Functional layers of OSB

Orange Techno mind Architecture

  • Overview of WebLogic Server
  • Server Topology
  • Explain WebLogic server architecture
  • Explain clustered domain and extend cluster
  • Clustered domain with Oracle Fusion Middleware Infrastructure
  • Describing Service Component Architecture (SCA)

Orange Techno mind Planning

  • Preparing the system
  • Environment setup for different OS
  • Pre and post installation setup

Orange Techno mind Installing OSB

  • Installing OSB Database
  • Install OSB
  • OSB domain
  • Verify installation
  • Start and stop the infrastructure
  • Best Practices on Installation

Orange Techno mind Manage and Deployment on SOA

  • SOA composite lifecycles
  • Partitions with SOA composites
  • OSB service lifecycles
  • Deploy and Un-deploy SOA composite
  • Deploy project
  • Setting up for auto composite managements
  • Configure composite audit levels

Orange Techno mind Configuration and Administration

  • Overview of change center
  • Managing server profile
  • Lazy loading
  • Configure thread pool
  • Global transaction setup
  • Configure SOA composite
  • Configure and admin JCA adapter
  • Mediator service engine
  • Configure event engine and business events
  • Oracle user messaging service
  • Configure Human Task service components
  • Business rules service engines
  • Explain BPEL Components and Service Engine
  • Configuring BPEL Service Engine
  • Tracking Messages in a Composite Application With a BPEL Process
  • Domain value maps and cross references
  • Configure JDBC Datasource
  • Configure JMS resources for different vendor

Orange Techno mind Configure High Availability for SOA Suite

  • Overview of high availability environment
  • Infra design for failover
  • Multicast and unicast cluster
  • Cluster for WebLogic Server

Orange Techno mind Security

  • Overview of security
  • Web Service Security Concepts
  • Platform security
  • Setup Keystores and truststroes
  • Setup Secure connection for request
  • Setup Web Service Security Policy
  • Service Endpoint with the Security Policy

Orange Techno mind Monitoring and Tuning Oracle SOA Suite

  • Monitoring SOA instances and WebLogic Server
  • Customizing console tables
  • DMS Spy Servlet
  • JVM tuning
  • Tuning parameters for WebLogic Server
  • SOA Infrastructure
  • Composite application tuning
  • Tuning dehydration database schema

Orange Techno mind Backup and Recovery for Oracle SOA suite

  • Understand and need for backup
  • Backing up Middleware installation
  • Backing up DataBase schemas and artifacts
  • Archiving the SOA domain
  • Backup process
  • Recovery strategies for Oracle SOA
  • Best practice and recommendation for backup

Orange Techno mind Troubleshooting SOA Suite

  • Setup logging level
  • Server startup issues
  • Enable garbage collection logging
  • Analyzing Thread and heap dump
  • Checking resource utilization
  • Composite performance
  • Domain level logging tuning

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