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We providers Oracle Performance Tuning Training in Chennai with working experts, this course covers more real-time practical sessions for how to improve overall database performances. We covers more detailed ways to enhance Oracle performance by tuning SQL, Operation System Tunning, using performance tools, and optimizing Oracle instances. Using this course trainee can learn what are the parameters are need to tune before and after the installation, in-memory configuration tunning, Analyzer and Troubleshooting

Practical session on Performance Training

We covers Oracle Database Performance Tunning Training from fundamental to advance level with more hands-on real-time oriented practical sessions. The course format is 30% theory and 60% Hands-on practical sessions. Each session have practical session and tips how to do that

Oracle Performance Tuning Online Training

We provides Oracle Performance Tunning Training in online who wants to study from home or remote location with their flexible timing. The course content and practical session still the same experience as classroom. The trainee can record their session for future purpose.

What is Performance Tunning

While saving huge volume of data, the default setup would not be not enough for better performances. The performance tunning as one of activities to improve database responses. The aim of Database tuning to maximize use of system resources to perform work as efficiently and rapidly as possible. Most systems are designed to manage their use of system resources, but still much activities to improve their efficiency by customizing their settings and configuration for the database and the DBMS. There are many steps like I/O Tunning, Memory Tunning, Operation Tunning, SQL Script Tunning etc.

Key Features of Oracle Performance Tunning Training in Chennai

  • Advanced and Standard course syllabus
  • Trainer from highly experienced industry leader
  • In-depth coverage of the Oracle Database Performance Tunning
  • Best practices on performance tuning


This course is designed for technical professionals and Administrator who wants to learn performance tunning activities and related tips to improve database performance.

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Oracle Performance Tunning Training Syllabus

Performance Tunning TrainingIntroduction to Tunning

  • What is Performance tunning?
  • How to Measure Performance?
  • Performance Tuning Tools
  • Improvement Methods
  • Performance Principles
  • Automatic Performance Tuning

Performance Tunning TrainingDesigning for Performance

  • Understanding Scalability
  • Vertical and Horizontal Scalability
  • System Architecture
  • Hardware and Software Components
  • Understanding Data Modeling
  • Table and Index Design

Performance Tunning TrainingDatabase Performance & Statistics

  • Understanding Database Statistics
  • Wait Events Statistics
  • Session and System Statistics
  • Using Hit Ratios
  • Using Idle Wait Events
  • How to Collect Statistics
  • Snapshots
  • Create/Drop/ Snapshots
  • Baselines
  • Create/Drop Baseline
  • Creating a Single Baseline Template
  • Generating Workload Repository Reports
  • Generating Performance Hub Active Report

Performance Tunning TrainingTable Performance Optimizing

  • Basic Concept of Table Performance
  • Explain the Tuning Tasks
  • Tablespaces to improve performance
  • Table Type and features to fit for Requirements
  • How to Select Data Types for Improvement
  • Create Index , Foreign key and Constraint
  • Index-Organized Table
  • Bitmap Index
  • How to Reclaiming Unused Index Space

Performance Tunning TrainingInstance Memory Optimizing

  • Understanding Memory Optimizing
  • Multiple Buffer Pools
  • Setting up min and max memory
  • Optimizing Memory Usage
  • Tuning PGA Memory
  • Caching SQL Query Results
  • Redo Log Buffer

Performance Tunning TrainingAutomatic SQL Tuning

  • What is Automatic SQL Tuning?
  • SQL Tuning sets
  • Generating a SQL Script
  • SQL Tuning Advisor
  • Manually Running SQL Tuning Advisor
  • Viewing Resource-Intensive SQL in Memory
  • Database Diagnostic Monitor
  • SQL Tuning Information Views

Performance Tunning TrainingWorking with Explain Plan

  • Basic Concept of Explain Plan
  • PLAN_TABLE Output Table
  • Running EXPLAIN PLAN
  • Displaying PLAN_TABLE Output
  • Reading EXPLAIN PLAN Output
  • Viewing Parallel Execution with EXPLAIN PLAN
  • Viewing Bitmap Indexes with EXPLAIN PLAN
  • Viewing Partitioned Objects with EXPLAIN PLAN

Performance Tunning TrainingTuning Database Memory

  • Basic Concept of Database Memory
  • Memory Management Methods
  • Automatic Memory Management and Shared Memory Management
  • Manual Shared Memory Management
  • Automatic PGA and Manual PGA Memory Management
  • Setting the SGA_TARGET Parameter
  • Maximum Size of the SGA
  • Configuring the In-Memory Column Store
  • Configuring the Database Buffer Cache
  • Configuring Multiple Buffer Pools
  • Configuring the Redo Log Buffer
  • Configuring the Database Caching Mode

Performance Tunning TrainingTuning Result Cache

  • Overview of Result Cache
  • Benefits of Using Result Cache
  • Explain how the Result Cache Works
  • Explain Client Result Cache
  • Configuring the Result Cache
  • Configuring the Client Result Cache
  • Setup Result Cache Mode
  • Using SQL Result Cache Hints
  • Using the DEFAULT and FORCE Table Annotation

Performance Tunning TrainingAnalyzing and Tunning Operating System Resources

  • Basic Understanding OS Resources
  • Detecting Disk Space Issues
  • CPU and Memory Bottlenecks
  • I/O Bottlenecks
  • System Bottlenecks
  • Using OS Caches
  • Finding and Tuning CPU Utilization
  • Paging and Swapping
  • Checking I/O Management

Performance Tunning TrainingParallel SQL Execution

  • Understanding Parallel SQL Execution
  • Enabling Parallelism for Query
  • Parallel DML
  • Monitoring Parallel Operations

Trainer Profile

  • More than 7+ Years of experiences in Database Administrator and Performance Tunner
  • Trainers are expert level and working as Consultant to setup Oracle Database for Industries
  • Trainers have experienced on multiple real-time projects in their Industries
  • Strong Practical and Industries Knowledge
  • Are certified Professionals with High Grade

Placement Assistance after training in Chennai

  • Dedicated team to find and arrange interviews for completed students
  • Student would be prepared for interview while learning the courses
  • Resume preparation tips and samples
  • Tie up with Authorized Training Center which helps guidance for certification
  • Are Well connected with Hiring HRs in multinational companies

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