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Get best Oracle DBA Training in Chennai with Certified Trainers.Orange TechnoMind provides best Oracle Database Administration Training with experienced working professionals. We covers course content basic to advance level which helps to get in-depth knowledge on administrative work. Using this course you learn fundamental of Oracle Database, different methods of Installation, Network Configuration, Database Tunning, Control Files and Troubleshooting

Oracle database is a relational database types which is using by most of the companies to maintain their relational data. Most of the companies using this database in Cloud and on-premises environment. There are so many job opportunities for freshers and experience professionals

Hands-on Oracle DBA Training

We covers Oracle Database Administrative Training from fundamental to advance level with more hands-on real-time oriented practical sessions. The course format is 30% theory and 60% Hands-on practical sessions. Our trainers are working professionals at least +7 years of experiences in oracle administration. The trainee can easily get in-depth knowledge from experts.

Oracle DBA Online Training

We provides Oracle DBA Training in online who wants to study from home or remote location with their flexible timing. The course content and practical session still the same experience as classroom. The trainee can record their session for future purpose.

Key Features of Oracle DBA Training

  • Allocating system storage and planning as per requirements
  • How to Install and Upgrade the Oracle servers on Operation System
  • Controlling and Monitoring user access
  • Monitoring and optimizing the performance
  • How to backup and recovery of database
  • Maintaining archived data
  • Managing Objects and Tablespaces
  • Migration from earlier version to new version
  • Following best practices on DBA activities

Why Oracle DBA training from Orange TechnoMind?

We provides quality of training with experience working candidates. The trainee can customize syllabus according to their project requirements and needs. We offers free demo via online and classroom which helps student can interact with trainer before enroll any courses.


This course is designed for freshers and experience professionals, Administrator and job seekers who wants to start their carrier in Database Administrator.

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Oracle DBA Training Syllabus

Oracle DBA in ChennaiIntroduction to Oracle DBA

  • About Oracle Database
  • Oracle Database Architecture
  • Explain DBA Activities
  • Explorer Tools for Administering
  • Oracle ASM Architecture

Oracle DBA in ChennaiInstalling Oracle Database

  • Prerequisites for Database Installation
  • Explain Oracle versions and licenses models
  • Understanding the OFA
  • Create the OS Groups and User
  • Installation Types and Methods
  • Directories and File location for Oracle Database on different OS
  • Memory Allocation for directories
  • Installing Oracle Database
  • Verify Oracle Database Instances

Oracle DBA in ChennaiCreating and Managing Oracle Database

  • Understanding Database Configuration Assistant (DBCA)
  • Create a database using DBCA Template
  • Generate database creation scripts using DBCA
  • Initialization Parameters like Memory, Size and etc
  • Configuring the Database Using DBCA
  • How to Managing Templates with DBCA
  • Set the OS Variables
  • Delete a Database using DBCA

Oracle DBA in ChennaiWorking with Oracle Database

  • Explain different Startup Options
  • Starting Database using SQL*Plus
  • Use Enterprise Manager (EM)
  • Configuring database initialization parameters
  • Automatic Startup of Database Services

Oracle DBA in ChennaiNetwork Configuration

  • Explaining Network Configuration
  • Oracle Net Listener and Client Configuration
  • How to View Listener Configuration
  • Start and Stop the Listener

Oracle DBA in ChennaiWorking with Control Files

  • What is Control File?
  • Creating/Dropping Control Files
  • Backing Up Control Files
  • How to Recovering a Control File
  • Control Files Data Dictionary Views

Oracle DBA in ChennaiWorking with Redo and Archived Redo Files

  • What Is the Redo Log?
  • Redo Log Contents
  • Planning the Redo Log for Numbers, Size and Block Size
  • Creating / Dropping Redo Log
  • Forcing Log Switches
  • Clearing a Redo Log File
  • Explain about Archived Redo Log
  • ArchiveLog and No-ArchiveLog Mode
  • How to Controlling Archiving
  • Archive Destinations
  • Log Transmission Modes
  • Archive Destination Failure

Oracle DBA in ChennaiManaging Tablespaces

  • Understanding Tablespaces
  • Explain different Types of Tablespaces
  • Locally Managed Tablespaces
  • Creating / Dropping Tablespaces
  • Renaming Tablespaces
  • How to Altering Tablespaces

Oracle DBA in ChennaiUser Management and Security

  • About User Accounts
  • User Privileges and Roles
  • Administrative Accounts and Privileges
  • Viewing User Accounts
  • Granting Privileges and Roles to a User Account
  • How to Setting the Password Policy

Oracle DBA in ChennaiManaging Objects

  • Explaining Different Types of Objects
  • Schema Object Management Privileges
  • Managing Tables, Views, Sequences and Synonyms
  • Managing Indexes

Oracle DBA in ChennaiDatabase Backup and Recovery

  • Understanding Backup and Recovery
  • Explain about RMAN Repository
  • Full and Incremental Backups
  • Media Recovery
  • Configuring Recovery and Backup Settings
  • Scheduling Backups Using RMAN

Oracle DBA in ChennaiDatabase Tuning

  • Using Optimize Database Performance
  • SQL Tuning Advisor
  • Optimizing Memory Usage by Memory Advisors

Oracle DBA in ChennaiTroubleshooting and Managing Database

  • Basic Concept on Troubleshooting
  • Using Different Tools to find out the issues
  • How to do Patch Releases
  • Upgrading a Database
  • Removing Oracle Database Software

Trainer Profile

  • More than 10+ Years of experiences in Oracle Database Administration
  • Trainers are expert level and working as Consultant on reputed organization
  • Good working exposure on different version of Oracle instances
  • Strong Practical and Industries Knowledge
  • Are certified Professionals with High Grade

Placement Assistance after training in chennai

  • Dedicated team to find and arrange interviews for completed students
  • Student would be prepared for interview while learning the courses
  • Resume preparation tips and samples
  • Tie up with Authorized Training Center which helps guidance for certification
  • Are Well connected with Hiring HRs in multinational companies

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