Oracle ADF Training in Chennai

We are providing best Oracle ADF training in Chennai with experienced professionals. Our Oracle Application Development framework syllabus very depth and carrier oriented. Using this course you learn how to use this framework to development application end to end.

Oracle Application Development Framework (ADF) is an end-to-end application framework, it helps to builds on Java EE standards technologies to simplify and accelerate enterprise application development. Oracle ADF is very suitable for enterprise developers who want to create applications that search, display, create, modify, and validate data using web, mobile, and desktop interfaces

Orange TechnoMind providing real-time and placement focused Oracle ADF training in Chennai, This course syllabus covers basic to advanced level and it helps to get the placement in any MNC companies. We designed ADF training syllabus based on industry standard. Our trainers are experts and working professionals with hands on real time knowledges.

Using this course you learns fundamental of Oracle Application Development Framework, ADF Architecture, Object and Associations, Application Modules, Business Validation, JSF Expression, web services and deployment


This course is designed for technical professionals who wants to learn Oracle ADF, senior-level developers with experience in application development. This course will be best anybody who wants to develop application using the Oracle Application Framework

Oracle ADF Training Syllabus

adf training in chennaiIntroduction to ADF

  • What is ADF?
  • Concept of ADF
  • Benefit of ADF
  • Model, View, Controller (MVC)
  • ADF Installation
  • Verification
  • Business use cases for ADF

adf training in chennaiJDeveloper

  • Exploring JDeveloper
  • Configuring JDeveloper Preferences
  • Database Designing Tools in JDeveloper
  • Offline Objects
  • How to Synchronous Online-Offline Database

adf training in chennaiADF Architecture

  • Explain Oracle Fusion Architecture
  • ADF Business Components
  • Entity Objects
  • View Objects
  • Application Module

adf training in chennaiADF Entity Objects and Associations

  • Explain of Entity
  • Creating Entity Objects
  • Modify Entity Object
  • Customizing attribute properties
  • Explain of Associations
  • Synchronizing an Entity Object
  • Synchronizing with Trigger-Assigned Values

adf training in chennaiADF View Objects and View Links

  • Explain of ADF View Object
  • Creating a View Objects
  • VO based on Entity Objects, SQL Query and Static List
  • Link view objects to another Object
  • View Links Master Details
  • Bind Variables
  • Customized Queries
  • Dependent LOVs
  • Perform calculations
  • View Criteria and Search Forms

adf training in chennaiApplication Modules

  • Explain how to design the Application Module
  • Creating an Application Module
  • Testing Service Methods
  • Pooling and Nested AMs
  • Locking Behaviour of an AM

adf training in chennaiWorking with Business Validation

  • Validation Life Cycle
  • Built-in Declarative Validation Rules
  • Validation Execution
  • Failure Handling
  • Creating Validation Rule Class
  • ADF Binding Validation
  • ADF Face Validation

adf training in chennaiJSF Expression Language

  • Explain Expression Language Supports
  • Using Groovy Language
  • Using Groovy Syntax in ADF
  • Validation using Groovy

adf training in chennaiWorking with UI and Enrichments

  • Overview of User Interface
  • Java Server Faces
  • ADF Faces
  • Templates and designing user interfaces
  • ADF Faces Rich Client Components
  • ADF Faces Layout Components
  • ADF Faces Skins

adf training in chennaiADF Task Flows

  • Explain Task Flows
  • Creating a Task Flow
  • managed beans and scoping
  • save points
  • Using ADF Task Flow Components
  • Transaction handling
  • Managing task flow templates
  • Dynamic regions

adf training in chennaiImplementing ADF Navigation

  • Faces Navigation Components
  • Performing Navigation
  • Defining Access Keys
  • Process Train Components
  • Navigating by program

adf training in chennaiHandling Application Events

  • JSF Life Cycle
  • ADF Life Cycle Phases
  • Creating Action Methods
  • Value Change Events
  • Subforms
  • Control flow rules
  • Multiple select components
  • Search forms and bind variables

adf training in chennaiWorking with Transaction

  • what is Transaction
  • Different Types of Transactions
  • Start Transaction on Task Flow
  • Handling Transactions with ADF

adf training in chennaiWorking with Web services

  • Explain about SOAP based, REST Based
  • Web service data control
  • Invoking External Web Services
  • WebService proxy

adf training in chennaiDeployment

  • Overview of Application Deployment on Different environment
  • Creating a WAR Profile
  • Creating a EAR Profile
  • Deployment Options
  • Deploying the Application using JDeveloper and Command line
  • Testing Application

adf training in chennaiSecurity

  • Explain of built-in security
  • Create User, Groups ad Roles
  • Permission on Different Object
  • Container-managed security
  • How to Enable security
  • Security Expression Language
  • Row-level security

adf training in chennaiTroubleshooting

  • Explaining the troubleshooting methods
  • How to check ADF Logging
  • Configuring ADF Logging
  • ADF Declarative Debugger


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