OpenShift Training in Chennai

We are providing best OpenShift Training in Chennai with experienced professionals. Our OpenShift training syllabus very depth and 100% job oriented. Using this course trainee can learn from beginner level to advanced concept on OpenShift and DevOps technology.

OpenShift is a comprehensive OpenShift is an open-source platform from Red Hat for container-based software development and management. It providing high-level abstraction for managing groups of containers. Currently many organizations are using OpenShift for managing physical and Virtual servers on Cloud. There are many job opening for freshers and experience professionals on OpenShift and DevOps tools.


This course is designed for Technical Professionals, Architect and Infrastructure Administrator who wants to learn Container based application on Cloud for day to day activities or knowledge purpose.

OpenShift Training Syllabus

openshift tarining in chennaiIntroduction to OpenShift

  • What is OneShift?
  • ContainerPlatform
  • Container as a Service
  • Orchestrating Container
  • Benefit and Features of OpenShift
  • Use cases for Container Platform
  • Continuous Integration using OpenShift
  • Deployment Patterns

openshift tarining in chennaiInstallation and Configuration

  • pre-requirements
  • Install OpenShift
  • Install Docker
  • Launch
  • Verify Environment
  • Setup Persistent Volume
  • Access using Web Console, CommandLine

openshift tarining in chennaiLifeCycle Management

  • Overview of LifeCycle Management on OpenShift
  • Deployment Strategies
  • Rolling Deployment
  • Custom Deployments
  • Container Runtime Hooks

openshift tarining in chennaiWorking with Pipeline

  • Overview of Pipeline
  • Pipeline Commands
  • Create Projects
  • Role-Based Access Control
  • Deploy and Run the Application
  • Deploying using Jenkins
  • Managing Image Changes
  • Parallel Build

openshift tarining in chennaiBuilding and Deploying Images

  • Explaining Build Images

openshift tarining in chennaiWorking with Services

  • Explain Network and Routing
  • Containers and Pod
  • Assign Internal and External Port
  • Create External Route
  • WebSockets
  • SSH Port Forwarding

openshift tarining in chennaiWorking with Persistent Storage

  • Explain Container Storage
  • Different Types of Persistent Storage
  • Create and Unmounting a Persistent Volume
  • Volume Claim using Command Line
  • Sharing Volume between Container and Application

openshift tarining in chennaiLogging and Monitoring

  • Explaining built-in Logging and Monitoring
  • Viewing Application Logs, Build Logs
  • Monitoring System Events
  • Viewing Container Metrics
  • Monitoring Application Health

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