MongoDB Developer and Admin Training in Chennai

MongoDB is an open-source project for document-oriented NoSQL database. It has designed for easy scaling, ease of use and it supports dynamic schema design. Many of the organization has this database to store dynamic data in cloud and on-premises environments.

We are providing best MongoDB Developer and Administrator Training in Chennai by more experience professionals. This course syllabus is covered from beginner level to advanced level for development and Administration on MongoDB.

Using this course you learn fundamental of NoSQL database, Install, Configuration and CRUD operation. And also covered Cluster Operation, Security, different kind of Indexes, Replication, and Performance Tuning on MongoDB


This course is designed for Database Developer, Database Administrator, Solution Architect and Students who wants to learn MongoDB in-depth

MongoDB Developer and Admin Training Syllabus

Orange Technomind Introduction to NoSQL

  • Explain on NoSQL
  • Different types of NoSQL databases
  • Why Relational Database not fit
  • NoSQL Ecosystem
  • Column-based Database

Orange Technomind Introduction to MongoDB

  • Overview of MongoDB
  • Key feature for MongoDB
  • Architecture of MongoDB
  • Core Server and Tools
  • Secondary indexes
  • Replication
  • Explain on Scaling Out
  • MongoDB versus other Databases

Orange Technomind Installation and Configuration on MongoDB

  • Overview of MongoDB history
  • Pre-requisite for Installation
  • Single node Installation of MongoDB
  • Start Single instances with Command line and Config file
  • Connect Single node using JavaScript
  • Start Multiple instances as replica set

Orange Technomind Getting start with MongoDB

  • Explain on Documents
  • Explain on Collection
  • Dynamic Schema
  • MongoDB Shell
  • Operation with Shell
  • JSON
  • BSON
  • Data Types on MongoDB
  • Embedded Documents
  • _id and ObjectIds
  • Explain on Replication
  • Explain on Memory Management

Orange Technomind CRUD Operation on MongoDB

  • Create/Update Tables
  • Basic Operation on Table
  • Batch Insert on MongoDB Table
  • Insert Validation in Table data
  • Update Document using Modifiers
  • Upserts
  • Update on Multiple Documents
  • Introduction Query
  • Query Conditionals
  • Conditional Semantics on Query
  • Logical operator on Query condition
  • Regular Expression
  • Array Projection Operator
  • Retrieving data from Embedded Documents
  • $where Queries
  • Server-Side Scripting on MongoDB
  • Explain on Cursors
  • Explain on Sorts, Skips and Limits
  • Immortal Cursors
  • Advanced concept on Query
  • Best practices on Query
  • $SET
  • Pagination

Orange Technomind Index and Aggregation

  • Understanding of Indexing
  • Benefit of Indexing
  • Different types of Indexes
  • Single filed and Compound Indexes
  • Index Cardinality
  • Create/Update/Delete Indexes
  • Index Creation on Replica
  • Index in Embedded Document
  • Create Capped Collections
  • Time-To-Live Indexes
  • Full -Text Indexes
  • Explain on Geospatial Index
  • Storing Files with GridFS
  • Explain on Aggregation
  • Pipeline Operation
  • Aggregation Commands and Operation
  • MongoDB with MapReduce

Orange Technomind Replication

  • Introduction to Replication
  • Why it need Replication
  • Configuring Replica Set
  • Replica Components
  • Master and Slave Replication
  • Explain and setup on Automatic Failover
  • Read scaling
  • Consistency and Load Considerations
  • Basic Administration on Replication

Orange Technomind Sharding on MongoDB

  • Overview of Sharding
  • Explain how Sharding works
  • Components of Cluster
  • Configure Sharding
  • Chunk Ranges
  • Splitting Chunks
  • Range-Based Shard Key
  • Hashed Shard Key
  • Firehose Strategy
  • Limitations on Shard Key
  • Control on Data Distribution
  • Manual Sharding
  • Administration on Sharding
  • Add/Remove Server
  • Moving Chunks
  • Refresh Configuration
  • Tracking Network Connection

Orange Technomind Application Design using MongoDB

  • Overview of Normalization and Re-normalizations
  • Schema Design
  • Database and Collection
  • Sample application to Connect MongoDB

Orange Technomind Administration on MongoDB

  • Overview of Admin activities
  • Start and Stop MongoDB
  • Data Encryption
  • Monitoring Memory Usage
  • Page Fault
  • Performance Monitoring
  • Server Backup
  • File System Snapshot
  • Backup using Mongodump
  • Backup Replica set
  • Sharded Cluster Backup
  • Tuning System Configuration
  • MongoDB Utilities
  • Lock and Fsync Concept
  • Security Setting on MongoDB
  • Best Practices on Performance Troubleshooting

Orange Technomind Performance Tuning and Trouble shooting

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