Microstrategy Training in Chennai

Microstrategy Training in Chennai
Course Content
We are providing best Microstrategy Training in Chennai with experienced professionals. Our Microstrategy Training syllabus very depth and carrier oriented. Using this course you can learn Data Warehouse Concept and QlikView tool strength from MNC professionals.

What is Microstrategy?

Microstrategy is a leading Business Intelligence tool, it providing very powerful features to Data Mining and Predictive Analysis and Real time Dashboards. Using Microstrategy tool features, we can create more interactive Analytics Dashboard.

About Microstrategy Course

Orange TechnoMind provides real-time and placement focused Microstrategy Course in Chennai, This course syllabus covers basic to advanced level and it helps to get the placement in any MNC companies. We designed Microstrategy training syllabus based on industry standard. Our trainers are experts and working professionals with hands on real time knowledge’s.

What will you learn from Microstrategy Course?

Using this course, you learn the fundamental of Data Warehouse Concept and Design, basic concept on Microstrategy, Installation and Configuration, Microstrategy Reporting and Data Manipulation, OLAP Services and Scorecards and Dashboard. And also you learn best practice to follow while developing solution, Interview and Certification Tips.

Benefits of Microstrategy Training

  • Learn about Data warehousing Concepts
  • Learn about Data Modeling
  • Gain in depth knowledge on Architecture of MicroStrategy
  • Learn the Concepts of hierarchies and grouping
  • Practical hands-on learning with real time projects
  • Boost your resume with skill-based credentials

MicroStrategy Training with Placement in Chennai

This extensive hands-on experience in MicroStrategy Training ensures that you take in the expertise from the Best MicroStrategy Training Institute with Business Intelligence Certification Course in Chennai that you will need to apply at work after your placement in an MNC.Our MicroStrategy Course comes with a certification. At the end of the course, you will also get a course completion certification, this MicroStrategy Certification Training in Chennai will be helpful in your career growth.


  • MicroStrategy Certified Developer (MCD)
  • MicroStrategy Certified Engineer (MCE)
  • MicroStrategy Certified Engineering Principal (MCEP)
  • MicroStrategy Web SDK Certified Developer (MSDKD)
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Who need Microstrategy Training

This course is designed for Data Warehouse Developers, Data Analytics Designer, Job Seekers and IT professionals who want to learn Data Analytics application using advanced technologies.

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Microstrategy Course Syllabus

Orange Techno mind Introduction Data Warehouse

  • What is Data Warehouse?
  • Data Warehouse Definition
  • Features and Benefit of DWH
  • Understanding Data Warehouse Concept
  • Data Warehouse Design and Architecture
  • Explain on different types of Schema
  • OLTP vs OLAP
  • Dimensional and Fact Table design
  • Explain on Star Schema
  • Explain on Snow Flake Schema

Orange Techno mind Getting Start with MicroStrategy

  • Overview of Business Intelligence
  • Feature for organization
  • Trends of Business Intelligence
  • Introduction to MicroStrategy
  • Overview of MicroStrategy Product
  • Understanding on MicroStrategy Intelligence server
  • MicroStrategy Desktop
  • Explain on MicroStrategy Web Universal
  • Architecture of MicroStrategy
  • Data Layer
  • MicroStrategy report servers
  • MicroStrategy Distribution Services
  • Object Manager
  • Integrity Manager

Orange Techno mind Installation and Configuration

  • Discussion with Hardware and Software Requirements
  • System setting for operating system
  • ODBC drivers for MicroStrategy Server
  • Explain Graphical, Command line Installation
  • Types of licenses
  • Verify Installation
  • Configure Intelligence Server

Orange Techno mind MicroStrategy Basics

  • Create meta database
  • Create project in MicroStrategy
  • Create and Configure Data Source
  • Understanding on Schema Objects
  • Understanding on Public Objects
  • Explain on MicroStrategy Business Intelligence
  • Explain on MicroStrategy Developer and Architecture
  • Types of Objects
  • Configuration Objects

Orange Techno mind Working with MicroStrategy Reporting

  • Introduction to Reporting
  • Component of Report
  • Explain on Report Types
  • How to display Multiple Reports in Single Presentation
  • Format Grid and Graph Reports
  • Basic Report Creation
  • Understanding Analyzing Data
  • Apply sorting Data
  • Pivoting Data
  • Understanding Hierarchies
  • Metric Join
  • Control drilling behavior
  • Refreshing displayed data
  • Report Caches

Orange Techno mind Advanced Reporting and Data Manipulations

  • Create report using template and filter
  • How to create and save objects
  • Creating and saving Advanced Report Prompts
  • How to Calculate data on Reports
  • Formatting a Metric
  • Totals and Subtotals
  • Create / edit filter using Filter Editor
  • Filter data by Business Attributes
  • Joining Filter
  • Advanced Gris Reports
  • Create HTML Document for Reports
  • Exporting Report
  • Query Builder and Freeform SQL
  • Linking Reports and documents
  • VLDB Properties

Orange Techno mind MicroStrategy OLAP Services

  • Overview of OLAP Service
  • Benefits of using OLAP Service
  • Create Intelligent Cube
  • Sharing Intelligent Cubes
  • Enable ROLAP
  • Enable Dynamic Source
  • How to do Incremental Refresh
  • Create Intelligent Cube Reports
  • Explain different types of derived elements
  • Creating derived elements
  • Group and Filter derived elements
  • Using Dynamic Aggregation
  • Create / Delete view Filter
  • Dynamic Sourcing
  • Configure Dynamic Souring

Orange Techno mind Working Scorecards and Dashboards

  • Overview of Scorecards and Dashboards
  • Scorecards vs Dashboards
  • Design Dashboards
  • MicroStrategy Panels, Layouts and Visualization
  • Advanced Configuration on Dashboard
  • Building Scorecard
  • Dashboard building process
  • How to Share or publish BI Reports to Dashboards
  • Public Reports to Social Media like Facebook and Twitter
  • Build potable Dashboard
  • Stop / unshare the reports

Orange Techno mind Report Performance Tuning

  • Overview of Performance Tuning
  • Explain on Report Data Options
  • Aliasing
  • Set Limit on Report
  • Attribute Join Type
  • Metric Join Type
  • VLDB Properties

Orange Techno mind Security

  • Overview of Security on MicroStrategy
  • Understanding on Users and Groups
  • Roles and access permission on MicroStrategy
  • Object Permission
  • Deployment on Security Model
  • Best Practices on Security

Orange Techno mind Basic Administration on MicroStrategy

  • Overview of Administration
  • Manage Platform
  • Monitoring MicroStrategy
  • Deploying Enterprise Manager
  • System Manager Overview
  • Activating change Journal

Orange Techno mind MicroStrategy Troubleshooting

  • Explain experienced issues and solving methods
  • MicroStrategy Community
  • How to setup Health Center
  • Understanding Diagnostics on MicroStrategy
  • Troubleshooting the MicroStrategy Web / Desktop / Office Evaluation
  • Support from product

Orange Techno mind Case Studies on Cloud version of MicroStrategy

Orange Techno mind Practices on MicroStrategy Best

MicroStrategy Trainer Profile

  • More than 10+ Years of experiences on Linux and Cloud Administration
  • Trainers have experienced on multiple real-time projects in their Industries
  • Strong Practical and Industries Knowledge
  • Are certified Professionals with High Grade
  • Have experiences on Service Oriented Architecture, Monolithic Architecture

Placement Assistance after MicroStrategy training in Chennai

  • Dedicated team to find and arrange interviews for completed students
  • Student would be prepared for interview while learning the courses
  • Resume preparation tips and samples
  • Tie up with Authorized Training Center which helps guidance for certification
  • Are Well connected with Hiring HRs in multinational companies

Queries You may have

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The instructors are practitioners from the Industry with minimum 7 yrs of relevant IT experience. They are subject matter experts and working professionals.
We will arrange free demo for all our trainee before enroll any courses. Trainee have all rights to choose suitable trainers and course content
We provides this course in online as well for who can not attend this course in class room they can take from online


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