J2EE Training in Chennai

J2EE Introduction

Java platform, Enterprise Edition (JEE) is a widely using computing platform developed under the Java Community Process. This platform provides an API specification and runtime environment to run JEE compliant application. Currently so many applications are using this platform and more demand for fresher.

We are providing best J2EE training in Chennai with 10+ year’s industry experienced professionals and more interactive lab session. Our J2EE Training institute in Chennai will fulfill the need for J2EE knowledge for job seekers. Our J2EE course syllabus are very unique and very sure industry standard.

Our J2EE training institute in Chennai not only providing course, we also support to write Web Component certificate and Business Component certificate.


This course is designed for jobseekers, software developers who want to learn J2EE technology very depth.

J2EE training Syllabus

J2EE Training in Chennai Introduction of JEE

  • Overview of JEE platform
  • Multi tired Application
  • Features of JEE platform
  • Different type of components in JEE

J2EE Training in Chennai Architecture of JEE

  • JEE specification
  • JEE server architecture
  • Web Component architecture
  • Business Component architecture
  • Application Assembly and Deployment

J2EE Training in Chennai Web Components Development

  • What is Web Application
  • Web Application components

J2EE Training in Chennai Servlets

  • Overview of Servlets
  • Servlet life cycle
  • Write Servlet program using HTTP and Generic API
  • Initializing parameters and context
  • Session Management
  • Listeners and Filters
  • How to handle HTTP Request
  • Configuration file for deployment
  • Annotation deployment

J2EE Training in Chennai Java Server Pages

  • Overview of JSP
  • JSP life cycle
  • JSP and Servlet link
  • Implicit objects and scope
  • Standard JSP Tags
  • Custom Tags

J2EE Training in Chennai Deployment

  • Package creation and deployment on Server
  • Explain Web.xml Configuration file

J2EE Training in Chennai JDBC

  • Overview of JDBC
  • Different type of JDBC drivers
  • Write program to connect JDBC
  • Database connection pooling and management
  • Database connection getting from Server

J2EE Training in Chennai Enterprise Java Bean

  • Overview of EJB
  • Business component Architecture
  • Features of EJB
  • Explain with Session Bean
  • Explain with Message Driven Bean
  • EJB persistence programming model
  • Deployed on JEE server

J2EE Training in Chennai Java Messaging System (JMS)

  • What is JMS
  • Point-to-Point
  • Pub-Sub system
  • Configure JMS in server
  • Configure MDB Bean with JMS product

J2EE Training in Chennai Case study

  • Web Application for banking
  • Enterprises application for supplier and chain management


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