Informatica MDM Training in Chennai

Informatica MDM Training

IBM InfoSphere DataStage is one of the best ETL tool from IBM Information Platform Solution suite, it uses graphical notation to develop data integration and data transformation from one format to another format. It is powerful data integration tool and supports high volumes of data sources, high performance and parallel jobs.

We are providing best IBM InfoSphere DataStage Training in Chennai by more experience professionals. This course syllabus is covered from beginner level to advanced level for Data Integration.

Using this course, you learn fundamental of Data Integration using DataStage tool, Architecture of DataStage, Parallel Jobs, Combine, Aggregation and different kind of Transformation. Also, you learn how to handle huge volumes of data process, Performance tuning, Jon Control and best practices on DataStage


This course is designed for Technical Professionals, Architect and Infrastructure Administrator who wants to learn Continuous Integration using DevOps for day to day activities or knowledge purpose.

Informatica MDM Training Syllabus

Orange Technomind Introduction to Master Data Management (MDM)

  • What is Master Data Management (MDM)?
  • Feature and Benefit for MDM
  • Explain on Core Capabilities of MDM
  • Basic understanding Master Reference Data
  • Use case scenario of MDM

Orange Technomind Introduction to Informatica MDM Hub

  • Architecture of MDM Hub
  • Core Components in MDM Hub
  • Explain on Hub Store and Hub Server
  • Hierarchy Manager
  • Explain on Metadata Manager
  • Service Integration Framework
  • Data Director
  • Explain on Inbound and Outbound Data Flows
  • Batch and Real-Time Data Process Flow

Orange Technomind Working with Data Model

  • Overview of data model
  • How to Create Hub Store Databases
  • Configure Operational Reference
  • How to Create and Remove Data Sources
  • Explain on Schema Manager
  • Create Base Objects
  • Cross-Reference Tables
  • Use custom indexes
  • Foreign key relationships
  • Create / update foreign key relationship
  • Configure Lookups for relationship
  • Schema Viewer
  • Configure Schema Viwer
  • How to Configure queries
  • Custom queries
  • Add and Remove Packages
  • Join Queries
  • Explain Data Encryption
  • How to configure Data Encryption for Hub Server and process
  • Create Hierarchy Types

Orange Technomind Configure the Stage Process

  • Overview of MDM Hub Staging
  • MDM Hub Staging
  • Basic Mapping Properties
  • Staging Table Properties
  • How to Configure for Audit Trail
  • How to Configure Delta Detection
  • Complex Mapping between Landing and Staging Tables
  • Stage Process flow
  • Explain external data cleaning
  • How to reuse stage and clean component

Orange Technomind Configure the Load Process

  • Overview of Load Process
  • Configure Staging Tables
  • Enable / Disable Cell Update
  • Cell Level Update
  • Lookup for Foreign Key
  • Explain on Initial Data Load
  • Explain and Configure Trust for Source
  • Trust Properties
  • Configure Validation Rules
  • Add/Remove Validation Rules
  • Properties of Validation Rules

Orange Technomind Configure Data Cleansing

  • Overview of Data Cleansing Configuration
  • Setup on MDM Hub
  • Explain on Distribute Data Cleansing
  • Properties for Process Server
  • Cleanse Functions types and properties
  • Regular Expression function
  • Configure User Cleanse and Java Cleanse Libraries
  • How to test cleans function
  • Apply conditions in Cleanse functions
  • Adding and edit cleanse list properties

Orange Technomind Configure Match Process

  • Understanding data and Match Process
  • Steps for defining Match Rules
  • How to distribute Match Configuration
  • Configure Match properties for Base Object
  • Match Paths
  • Relationship and Filters
  • Create relationship objects
  • Add/ Edit Path Components
  • Overview of Match Columns
  • How to Configure Match Columns for Fuzzy and Extract
  • Match Rule Sets and Properties
  • Add /Edit Match Rule Sets
  • Explain Primary Key Match Rules
  • Match Key distribution

Orange Technomind Working with Batch Jobs

  • Concept of Batch Jobs
  • Explain on Multi-Threaded Batch Job
  • Monitor Multi-Thread performance
  • Batch Job properties
  • How to setup to run Batch Jobs in Sequence
  • Create Batch Jobs automatically and Events firing
  • Explain on Batch Viewer Tool
  • Monitor and clearing Job Execution
  • How to Configure Batch Groups

Orange Technomind Working with User Exits

  • Overview of User Exit
  • Explain on User Exit Processing
  • User Exist for Stage Process
  • User Exist for Load Process
  • User Exist for Math and Merge Process
  • Task Management on User Exits
  • Create User Exit
  • Best Practices on Implementing User Exits

Orange Technomind Setup Log files

  • Overview of Log files
  • Configure custom Logs
  • Hub Console Log
  • Hub Server Log
  • Database Log File
  • Application Server Log
  • Cleanse/ Match Server Logs
  • Process Server Log

Orange Technomind Understanding Hierarchy Management

  • Explain about Entities and Type
  • H M Hierarchies and Relation ships
  • How to Setup Hierarchy Management
  • Explain H M Profiles and Packages

Orange Technomind Security Access Manager

  • Overview of Security Access Manager on MDM
  • Explain on Users, Resources, Privileges & Roles
  • How to create Users and Resources
  • Resources and Groups
  • Grant and revoke Privileges
  • Amend Roles

Orange Technomind Best Practice on MDM