Informatica Admin Training in Chennai

informatica admin training in chennai

We are providing best Informatica Admin training in Chennai with experienced professionals. Our Informatica Power Center Administration syllabus very depth and carrier oriented. Using this course you can learn complete Data Warehousing technology from experienced professionals.

Informatica Administrator (the Administrator tool), consolidates the administrative tasks for domain objects such as services, nodes, licenses, and grids. You manage the domain and the security of the domain through the Administrator tool.

Orange techno mind provides real-time and placement focused Informatica Admin training in Chennai, this course syllabus covers basic to advanced level, it helps to get the placement in any MNC companies. Our trainers are experienced professional who has working in complex data warehousing projects. We designed Informatica PowerCenter Admin training syllabus based on industry standard.

This course improves your competency across installation and configuration, architecture, server maintenance, security, deployment, Power Center Repository management, web services, command line utilities and Informatica Velocity Best Practices and Implementation Methodology as a full member of a project implementation team.

Also define and set up the best practices for users, groups, privileges, roles, and permissions. Backup and migrate the Informatica Domain database.

Orange techno mind will teach you Informatica Admin training with hands on experience from the best experienced professionals who are working in best software industry.


This course is designed for technical professionals who wants to learn Informatica at fast track and very depth for their careers. As it is job oriented training, fresher can learn this course and anybody want to switch their jobs to Middleware development using Informatica.

Informatica Admin Training Syllabus

Informatica Admin Training in Chennai Informatica Architecture

  • Overview of power center architecture
  • Different available services
  • Function of each service
  • Different types of nodes
  • Client applications & how they interact with the domain
  • Domain alerts
  • The license service

Informatica Admin Training in Chennai Service Maintenance

  • Repository service
  • Integration service
  • Reporting service
  • Configuring all the services
  • Creating and deleting the services
  • Start and stopping the services
  • Generating the diagnostics file

Informatica Admin Training in Chennai Security

  • Defining the terms “user,” “group,” “privilege,” “role,” & “permission”
  • Configuring users, groups, privileges, roles, & permissions
  • Relate users, groups, privileges, roles, & permissions to one another
  • Security page in the Administrator Tool
  • Assign users to groups
  • Assign privileges & roles to groups or users
  • Set up permissions in the various applications
  • Set up permissions in the domain
  • Informatica authentication
  • Default administrator accounts
  • Difference between native & LDAP security
  • Configure native & LDAP security
  • Difference between assigned & inherited privileges
  • Difference between a system & a custom role
  • Direct, inherited, & effective domain permissions

Informatica Admin Training in Chennai Repository Management

  • Functionality of each of the client tools
  • Set folder permissions in Power Center
  • Power Center shortcuts
  • Configure Power Center connections
  • Types of objects reside in a Power Center repository

Informatica Admin Training in Chennai Web Services

  • Informatica web service architecture
  • Configure an Informatica real-time web service
  • Role of a WSDL file

Informatica Admin Training in Chennai License Keys

  • Know the role of the license key file
  • Assign services to a license
  • View options for a license

Informatica Admin Training in Chennai Command Line Interface

  • Function of each CLI
  • CLIs interactive mode
  • Successful CLI return code
  • Capture the CLI return code

Informatica Admin Training in Chennai Metadata Reporting

  • Role of the MX views
  • The function of “Save MX Data”
  • Metadata extensions
  • Create & manage non-reusable metadata extensions
  • Create & manage reusable metadata extensions

Informatica Admin Training in Chennai Administrator Tool

  • Know configurations
  • Connections and actions

Informatica Admin Training in Chennai Deployment

  • Different methods of Power Center metadata deployment
  • Advantages & disadvantages of each deployment method
  • Best practices around deployment


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