Hadoop Training in Chennai

Hadoop Introduction

We are providing best Apache Hadoop training in Chennai, which helps to learn advanced techniques by experienced industry processionals.

Hadoop is an open source framework which is written in Java language. It providing libraries that allow processing of huge data sets with distributed across set of computers using simple programming. Hadoop technology helps to processing terabytes data in application using thousands of nodes.

Orange Technomind is leading hadoop training institute in Chennai. we have excellent software professional for providing hadoop training in chennai. Learn more details from hadoop course in Chennai. We are providing best hadoop classes in Chennai.

The Data is termed as Big Data when it follows characteristics like Huge Volume, Different Variety and High Velocity. We are living in data world, from surfing apps to enterprise application, it required to handle or process huge set of data. The traditional system would not have this capability to process data in wire speed. Hadoop makes this as possible using distributed processing technique.

The Hadoop framework is using by major industry including Google, IBM and Face Book. It supports most of the leading operating system now. We are providing best Hadoop training in Chennai with industry experienced trainers. Our syllabus is unique and industry standard.

You will learn fundamental of Big Data, distributed processing, distributed file system and architecture of Hadoop. And also you learn design data flow, data analytical, distributed cache and supported features and tool for debugging .

Orange techno mind provides excellent lap sessions for Hadoop training. These all sessions are related to the enterprise data which handling by every corporate company. We guide trainees to get Cloudera certification and also guidance to get job in Big Data technology.


This course is designed for software developer, enterprise data analyst, enterprise architect who wants to learn Big data and Hadoop technology. This course also recommended who want to learn Big data tools from commercial vendors. This course syllabus design from beginner to advance, it is job oriented course and jobseeker can learn new demand technology very depth and easily.

Hadoop Syllabus

Hadoop Training in Chennai Introduction

  • What is Big Data
  • Distributed processing and file system
  • Hadoop role in Big Data
  • Real time use cases

Hadoop Training in Chennai Environment setup

  • Setting up Single node cluster
  • Setting up Multi node cluster

Hadoop Training in Chennai Hadoop Distributed File System – HDFS

  • HDFS Overview
  • HDFS Architecture
  • HDFS operations
  • Data Storage in Hadoop – Replication and Block storage
  • Daemons of Hadoop and its functionality
  • Data Flow and Integrity
  • Java based approach (Access HDFS through Java)
  • Compession

Hadoop Training in Chennai Map Reduce

  • History of Map reduce
  • Map Reduce Architecture
  • How Map reduce model works?
  • Mapper and Reducer concepts
  • Data types in Map Reduce
  • Input and output formats of map reduce
  • Different phases of map reduce
  • Partitioner and combiner
  • ToolRunner
  • Data Localization in map reduce
  • Examples of map reduce program
  • sorting
  • Job Configurations and running map reduce program in cluster
  • Debugging

Hadoop Training in Chennai Apache Pig

  • Introduction to Apache Pig
  • Introduction to Pig Latin
  • Map Reduce Vs Apache Pig
  • SQL Vs Apache Pig
  • Data types in Pig
  • Invocation Modes in Pig
  • Execution Modes
  • Grunt shell usage
  • Loading the data to pig from local and HDFS
  • Pig Latin commands
  • Diagnostic operations
  • Developing pig script for various requirements
  • Examples for Pig scripting

Hadoop Training in Chennai Hive

  • Introduction to hive
  • Hive Architecture
  • RDBMS vs Hive
  • Map Reduce Vs Apache Pig Vs Hive
  • Hive shell and HiveQL(HQL)
  • Partitioning
  • Hive interface and server
  • Tables Management (External Vs Managed tables)
  • Schemas and data types
  • Partitions and buckets.

Hadoop Training in Chennai HBase

  • Hbase Introduction
  • Hbase architecture
  • Hbase vs RDBMS
  • NoSQL vs SQL
  • HBase schema
  • Master and Region servers
  • Hbase commands
  • APIs
  • Performance and monitor

hadoop training in chennai Flume

  • Introduction to Flume
  • Flume configuration
  • Writing Flume configuration files
  • Accessing different streaming data using flume
  • Importing TWITTER STREAMING DATA using flume

Hadoop Training in Chennai Sqoop

  • Overview of Sqoop
  • Sqoop Installation and configuration
  • Importing data from RDBMS to HDFS
  • Incremental import of data
  • Conditional based import

Hadoop Training in Chennai Oozie

  • Introduction to Oozie
  • Direct Acyclic Graphs (DAG)
  • Overview of oozie workflows
  • Workflow jobs
  • Coordinator jobs

Hadoop Training in Chennai Overview of Zoo Keeper

Hadoop Training in Chennai Overview of YARN Framework


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