Hadoop Administration Training in Chennai

We are providing best Big Data and Hadoop Administrator Training in Chennai by experienced professionals. The Hadoop Administrator course syllabus is designed to learn Administration skills from beginner stage to advanced stage

Orange Technomind providing real-time and placement focused Big Data and Data Analytics training in Chennai,the course syllabus covers basic to advanced level and it helps to get the placement in any MNC companies. We designed Hadoop Administration training syllabus, based on industry standard. Our trainers are experts on Big Data Infrastructure Setup and maintain in reputed organization.

Using this course you learn fundamental Hadoop, Install and Configure Hadoop environment, Cluster Setup, Scheduling and Hadoop Security. And also covered Hadoop Cluster Monitoring, Replication on Fail over, third party Vendor tools like Cloudera Setup and Best Practice on HDFS and Administration.


This course is designed for System Administrator, Cloud System Administrator, Data Analytics Administrator and System Engineer

Hadoop Administration Training Syllabus

Orange Technomind Introduction to Big Data and Hadoop

  • Understanding Big Data
  • Benefit for Big Data
  • Big Data Source and Applications
  • The Three V’s of Big Data
  • Big Data Architecture
  • Distributed Computing
  • What is Hadoop?
  • Why Need Hadoop Framework
  • Component of Apache Hadoop
  • Apache Hadoop Daemons
  • Explain on Namenode and Secondary Namenode
  • Resource Manager
  • Node Manager
  • Explain on YARN
  • Job Submission in YARN
  • Overview of Cloudera
  • Explain on Cloudera Distribution Including (CDH)
  • Responsibilities of Hadoop Administrator

Orange Technomind The Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS)

  • Overview of Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS)
  • HDFS Concept – Blocks
  • HDFS Concept – Namenode and Datanodes
  • HDFS Federation and Failover
  • HDFS High Availability
  • HDFS Internals
  • Exploring HDFS Commands
  • Explain on Hadoop Filesystems and Permissions
  • Anatomy of File Read and Write
  • Coherency Model
  • Parallel Copying
  • Administrator Command on HDFS

Orange Technomind Working with MapReduce

  • Overview of MapReduce
  • Understanding the Map phase and Reduce phase
  • MapReduce job flow
  • Configuration on MapReduce
  • Basic Template on MapReduce
  • MapReduce job information

Orange Technomind Working with NoSQL

  • Limitation on Relational Database (RDBMS)
  • Overview of NoSQL
  • Concept on NoSQL
  • Different Types of NoSQL Database
  • Explain on HBase
  • Concept on HBase
  • Explain on Hive
  • Concept on Hive
  • Exlain on Cassandra

Orange Technomind Working with Hadoop Cluster Setup

  • Pre-requisites on Single-Node and Multi-Node Cluster
  • Explain on Installation Method- Manual / Auto
  • Single Node Cluster Configuration
  • Multi-Node Cluster Configuration
  • Persistent Data Structure
  • Safe Mode
  • Audit Logging
  • Explain on Stale Configurations

Orange Technomind Cloudera Distribution with Apache Hadoop

  • Overview of CDH Components
  • Explorer on Apache Hadoop, Pig, Hive, Zookeeper
  • Install CDH
  • Install and Configure Apache Pig on CDH
  • Install and Configure Apache Pig on Hive
  • Install and Configure Apache Pig on Oozie
  • Install and Configure Apache Pig on YARN, Zookeeper
  • Verify Installation

Orange Technomind Hadoop Cluster Maintenance

  • Configure Hadoop Services on Cloudera Manager
  • Adding and Removing Cluster Nodes
  • Explain Role Management
  • Checking HDFS Status
  • Breaking the cluster
  • Copying Data Between Clusters
  • Rebalancing the cluster
  • Name Node Metadata Backup
  • Cluster Upgrading
  • Add DataNode Role to Host
  • Add TaskTracker Role to Host
  • Manage Multiple Cluster using Cloudera Manager
  • Rebalancing Hadoop Cluster in Cloudera Manager

Orange Technomind Working with Cloudera Manager

  • Introduction to Cloudera Manager
  • Architecture of Cloudera Manager
  • Install Cloudera Manager
  • Explorer Cloudera Manager Web Console
  • Understand Screen Menu and Diagnostics Menu
  • Configure High Availability using Cloudera Manager

Orange Technomind Managing and Scheduling Jobs

  • Managing Jobs
  • The FIFO Scheduler
  • The Fair Schedule
  • How to stop and start jobs running on the cluster

Orange Technomind Hadoop Security

  • Overview of Security
  • Understanding Authentication and Authorization
  • Explain on Kerberos and How it works
  • Understand Kerberos Architecture
  • Authenticate a User
  • Authorization in Apache Hadoop
  • Configure Kerberos for Cloudera Manager Server

Orange Technomind Cluster Monitoring, Troubleshooting, and Optimizing

  • Explain on Cluster Monitoring
  • Choose right Tool to Monitoring
  • General System conditions to Monitor
  • Name Node and Job Tracker Web UI
  • View and Manage Hadoop’s Log files
  • Ganglia Monitoring Tool
  • Common cluster issues and their resolutions
  • Benchmark your cluster’s performance
  • Monitoring Hadoop Services using Cloudera Manager
  • Overview of Events and Alerts
  • Configure Events and Alerts

Orange Technomind Populating HDFS from External Sources

  • How to use Sqoop to import data from RDBMSs to HDFS
  • How to gather logs from multiple systems using Flume
  • Features of Hive, Hbase and Pig
  • How to populate HDFS from external Sources

Orange Technomind Configuring Backups

  • Understanding Backup Process
  • Types of Backups
  • Storage Media for Backups
  • HDFS Backups
  • Backups using Cloudera Manager
  • Configuring Snapshots
  • Enable Snapshots in HDFS

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