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Orange TechnoMind provides (Robotic Process Automation training) Automation Anywhere training in Chennai with real-time professionals. We are providing best Automation training with more real-time scenarios and hands-on practical sessions. Our RPA trainers are more exposers and already completed many automation in different organization

Automation Anywhere Enterprise product widely using across the organization, it is very simple to learn and implement on different business solution

Orange TechnoMind Automation Anywhere Course in Chennai helps trainers can get in-depth knowledge on Automation Anywhere solution, features and Dashboard. They can be expert on RPA concept and able to adopt any other automation tool easily.


This course is designed for technical professionals, Business Analyst, job seekers and who wants to learn automation for high performance cost efficient automation projects

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Automation Anywhere Training Syllabus

Websphere Training in ChennaiOverview of RPA

  • What it means RPA
  • Why need RPA for organization
  • depth explain on Process automation
  • Robotic Process Automation vs normal existing Automation
  • Explain how to work Robotic Process Automation
  • Input Data Handling Solution Pattern
  • RPA development methodology and LifeCycle
  • List of Robotic Process Automation Tools

Websphere Training in ChennaiIntroduction to Automation Anywhere

  • What is Automation Anywhere tool
  • Architecture of Automation Anywhere
  • Explain Bots (Task, IQ, Meta)
  • Explain Web Control Room
  • Client Dashboard
  • Folders Panel
  • Different types of Recorders

Websphere Training in ChennaiInstallation

  • System requirements
  • Dot NET Framework Requirements
  • Installing/Uninstalling Automation Anywhere Client
  • Verify the Installation
  • Install/update License Key
  • Start/Stop Anywhere Client

Websphere Training in ChennaiUser management on Control room

  • Explain user management
  • Create an user and groups
  • User Access Control (UAC) Setting

Websphere Training in ChennaiDashboard

  • Overview of Dashboard
  • features of Dashboard
  • Task Bots
  • Creating a task
  • Recording a task

Websphere Training in ChennaiIntegration

  • Email Automation
  • Files and Folders
  • Scripting
  • Database Automation
  • If/Else conditions
  • Logging
  • Internet
  • Log viewer
  • Windows Control
  • Task
  • workFlow Designer
  • Mouse and Keyboard capture

Websphere Training in ChennaiCreating Bots

  • overview of Bots
  • Screen Recorder
  • Create Web Recorder
  • Smart Recorder
  • Variables, Properties
  • Creating and Deleting Schedule

Websphere Training in ChennaiWorking with Database

  • Connection Setup
  • Execute SQL Query
  • Run Stored Procedure

Websphere Training in ChennaiExcel Automation

  • How to read Read from CSV/Text
  • Excel commands
  • Log to CSV/Text
  • Loop Commands
  • Data Extraction/Input (CSV and Text file)
  • Database Automation

Websphere Training in ChennaiError Management

  • How to Handle Exception
  • Recover and Resume activities

Websphere Training in ChennaiWorking with Task

  • Overview of Task
  • Create / Edit Task
  • Task List
  • Delete Task
  • Run Task
  • Setting / Viewing Task Properties
  • Adjust Task Speed
  • Hotkeys for Task
  • Email Notification To Task

Websphere Training in ChennaiWorking with Schedule and Trigger

  • Overview of Schedule
  • Using Scheduler Manager
  • How to Schedule Task
  • Trigger Manager
  • Adding Trigger to a Task
  • Debug Tasks
  • Troubleshooting Scheduled Task

Websphere Training in ChennaiAdvance Automation

  • Image Recognition concept and implementation
  • Object Cloning
  • Integration with PDF
  • FTP
  • Terminal Emulator
  • SOAP / REST Web Services Automation
  • Play Sound
  • Screen Captures
  • PGP
  • Connect and Extract data from Websites
  • Extract Pattern-Based Data
  • Extract Regular Web Data

Websphere Training in ChennaiMetaBot

  • Overview of MetaBot
  • How to Create of MetaBot
  • Designer in MetaBot
  • Recording MetaBot
  • Import and Export MetaBot
  • MetaBot Screens

Websphere Training in ChennaiWorkFlow Designer

  • Overview of WorkFlow Designer
  • Usage of WorkFlow Designer
  • run WorkFlow

Websphere Training in ChennaiAnywhere Monitor

  • Overview of Monitor
  • Features of Monitor
  • Display task details
  • Task status Widget

Websphere Training in ChennaiWorking with Command

  • Overview of Command
  • Active Directory Command
  • App Integration Command
  • Clipboard Command
  • Object Cloning Command
  • Prompt Command
  • System Command
  • Services Command

Websphere Training in ChennaiBest Practices on Automation

Automation Anywherere Trainer Profile

  • More than 10+ Years of experiences on Robotic Process Automation
  • Trainers have experienced on multiple real-time projects in their Industries
  • Strong Practical and Industries Knowledge
  • Are certified Professionals with High Grade
  • Excellent trainer with huge knowledge about the subject

Placement Assistance after Automation Anywherere Training in Chennai

  • Dedicated team to find and arrange interviews for completed students
  • Student would be prepared for interview while learning the courses
  • Resume preparation tips and samples
  • Tie up with Authorized Training Center which helps guidance for certification
  • Are Well connected with Hiring HRs in multinational companies

Queries You may have

There are no prerequisites required to learn Automation Anywherere. The basic knowledge of programming is enough to learn Automation Anywherere.
The instructors are practitioners from the Industry with minimum 7 yrs of relevant IT experience. They are subject matter experts and working professionals.
We will arrange free demo for all our trainee before enroll any courses. Trainee have all rights to choose suitable trainers and course content
We provides this course in online as well for who can not attend this course in class room they can take from online


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