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aws training in chennai
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Orange TechnoMind provides best AWS training in Chennai with certified working professionals. Our AWS training syllabus very depth and carrier oriented. Using this course you learn from beginner level into advanced concept on AWS and Cloud computing technology. Currently small-scale industries into large-scale industries are using AWS Cloud for exposing web applications and utility applications for day-to-day activities

Most of the organizations are using the Cloud platform for cost saving and to utilize enrich infrastructure features. The Cloud knowledges is mandatory for each resources to understand how their applications are hosted and working on Cloud platform

Using this course you learns fundamental of AWS, EC2 instances, Deployment Model, Elastic Block Storage, Virtual Private Cloud, Route 53, AWS SES, AWS SNS and CloudWatch. And also you learn Configuration for High availability infrastructure and Best Practices on AWS.

About AWS Training Course

Amazon Web Services (AWS), the best secure cloud service platform it is widely using Cloud Platform across the organization. Amazon offering compute power, database storage, content delivery, Machine Learning, Data Warehouse tools and other functionality as services to scale and grow the businesses Orange TechnoMind best training institute for Cloud training we provides different kind of AWS Training for developers, architect and system operators. Each training have unique syllabus and more real time oriented practical sessions. Our trainers helps you to get in-depth knowledge on Cloud technology and AWS services. We provides AWS training in classroom and online. Trainee can enroll this training daily batches, weekend batches, fast track and one-on-one classroom training

AWS Online Training

We provides AWS Training in online who wants to study from home or remote location with their flexible timing. The course content and practical session still the same experience as classroom. The trainee can record their session for future purpose. Additionally trainee can select trainer from prepared location and language

Key Features of Amazon WebService Training in Chennai

  • Advanced and Standard course syllabus on AWS
  • Trainer from highly experienced on AWS Administration
  • Learn in-depth coverage of the AWS and Services setup and configuration
  • Good exposures on different types of setup for application high availability and fail over setup
  • Demonstration of an end to end application development and deployment on different environment
  • Industry Relevant Use Cases for infrastructure setup
  • Certification Guidance

AWS Training with Certification

Amazon provides role-based certification to learn AWS products and validate expertise for those in Developer, Architect and Administrator.Many of the organizations are moving toward cloud based solutions for better maintenances and cost cutting purposes. This moves creating many jobs for developer, architect and other roles for resources. We provides AWS certification training for developers, Architect and Administrator with different level of practical sessions.Trainee can easily complete AWS certification for completing AWS Certification training with us

  • AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate
  • AWS Certified Developer – Associate
  • AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Professional
  • AWS Certified SysOps Administrator – Associate
  • AWS Certified DevOps Engineer – Professional

Practical Session on AWS Training in Chennai

Our AWS Training syllabus and contents are not just for related to certifications. We provides more hands-on training on AWS platform how to setup, configure and manage the applications with high availability , fail-over features. We have more experience professionals are working as part time training, they can share best practices and enterprises level of setup for trainee. Our AWS course syllabus always updated due to market standard


This course is designed for Technical Professionals, Architect and Infrastructure Administrator who wants to learn AWS for day to day activities or knowledge purpose

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Amazon Web Services Training Syllabus

AWS DevIntroduction to Cloud Services

  • Overview of Cloud Computing
  • Challenges on distributed Computing
  • Main objectives for Cloud
  • Explain about Software as a Service (SaaS)
  • Explain about Platform as a Service (PaaS)
  • Explain about Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)
  • Benefit and features of Cloud Services
  • Major Cloud Provider

AWS DevDeployment Model

  • What is Deployment Model?
  • Why need different Model?
  • Explain about Cloud Deployment
  • Explain about On-premises Deployment
  • Explain about Hybrid Deployment
  • Public Cloud
  • Private Cloud

AWS DevVirtualization

  • Overview of Virtualization
  • Benefit of Virtualization
  • Different Types of Virtualization
  • Hypervisor and Types

AWS DevIntroduction to AWS

  • Overview of AWS
  • Explain about AWS Services and Product
  • Compute
  • Storage
  • Database
  • Developer Tools
  • Machine Learning
  • Blockchain supports on AWS
  • Internet of Things
  • Explain AWS Regions
  • AWS Purchasing Options
  • Explain EC2
  • Signing free tier account on AWS

AWS DevAmazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2)

  • Explaining about EC2 instance
  • Regions and Availability Zones
  • Amazon Machine Images (AMI)
  • Pricing Model
  • Create EC2 Instances
  • Security Group
  • Public and Private IP for EC2
  • Key Pairs
  • Amazon Elastic Load Balancer
  • Auto scaling

AWS DevAmazon Elastic Container Service

  • What is Amazon ECS
  • Features of Amazon ECS
  • Explain Containers and Images
  • Container Agent
  • Docker on Amazon ECS
  • Repositories

AWS DevIdentity Access Management (IAM)

  • Concept of IAM
  • Create User and Groups
  • Applying Policy
  • Access Keys and Security Credentials
  • Identity Federation
  • IAM best Practices
  • Login/Access to EC2 instance
  • Creating your own custom AMI

AWS DevElastic Load Balancer (ELB)

  • What is Elastic Load Balancer
  • How ELB works
  • Different Types of ELB
  • How to Create and Configure ELB
  • Listener Configurations
  • Listener Rules
  • Certification Configuration on Listener
  • Security groups for the load balancer?
  • Create Custom Domain Names
  • How to Monitor ELB on AWS
  • Access Logs for Application
  • Request Tracing

AWS DevAmazon Simple Storage Service (S3)

  • Overview of Simple Storage Service (S3)
  • Feature of S3
  • Pre-signed URL
  • Understand permissions
  • How to Create and delete buckets on S3?
  • S3 Object Versioning
  • Add objects to buckets?
  • Permissions on S3, Access Control, Bucket policy
  • S3 Lifecycle rules

AWS Dev Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)

  • Overview of Virtual Private Cloud
  • Understanding VPC concept
  • Public and Private Subnets
  • Component of VPC
  • Direct Connect
  • AWS Peering
  • Network ACL’s
  • Internet Gateway
  • Routing table and DHCP set
  • Configuration and management of VPN connectivity

AWS DevRelational Database Service (RDS)

  • Overview of RDS
  • Configure RDS
  • Connecting to RDS
  • RDS Management and Maintenance
  • RDS Backups and Replicas


  • Overview of DynamoDB
  • Configure and Connect DynamoDB
  • Access Control on DynamoDB
  • Data Manipulation

AWS DevAmazon Application Services

  • Overview of SQS
  • How to Configure and use of SQS
  • Email Services
  • SMTP Services
  • AWS Lambda
  • Overview of Notification Services
  • Topic
  • Subscriptions
  • Notification Event for Applications

AWS DevRoute 53

  • Overview of Route 53
  • Hosting Application
  • Routing traffic to Application

AWS Dev AWS Console

  • Amazon Web Services Management Console
  • Amazon Web Services CLI
  • Amazon Web Services Plugins

AWS Dev Amazon CloudWatch

  • Overview of CloudWatch
  • Benefit of CloudWatch
  • Monitoring
  • Metrics
  • Custom Metrics

AWS Dev Amazon CloudTrail

AWS Dev Amazon Enterprise Applications

  • WorkSpaces
  • WorkDocs

AWS Dev Amazon API & Supporting Tools

  • Amazon Command Line Interface API
  • S3-Browser

AWS Dev AWS Architecture and Design

  • AWS Backup and DR setup
  • AWS High availability Design
  • Best Practices for Security and Cost

AWS Dev Code Deploy

  • Overview of Code Deploy
  • Why need Code Deploy
  • Apply patch with Code Deploy

AWS Dev AWS Troubleshooting

  • Troubleshoot EC2 instance
  • Using Cloud watch

AWS Dev Best Practices on AWS

AWS Trainer Profile

  • More than 10+ Years of experiences on Linux and Cloud Administration
  • Trainers have experienced on multiple real-time projects in their Industries
  • Strong Practical and Industries Knowledge
  • Are certified Professionals with High Grade
  • Have experiences on Service Oriented Architecture, Monolithic Architecture

Placement Assistance after AWS training in Chennai

  • Dedicated team to find and arrange interviews for completed students
  • Student would be prepared for interview while learning the courses
  • Resume preparation tips and samples
  • Tie up with Authorized Training Center which helps guidance for certification
  • Are Well connected with Hiring HRs in multinational companies

Queries You may have

It required basic understanding of Computer Networking, Operating System and Scripting program. Fundamentals of IaaS, PaaS and how cloud services work exactly
The instructors are practitioners from the Industry with minimum 7 yrs of relevant IT experience. They are subject matter experts and working professionals.
We will arrange free demo for all our trainee before enroll any courses. Trainee have all rights to choose suitable trainers and course content
We provides this course in online as well for who can not attend this course in class room they can take from online


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