UNIX Training in Chennai

Unix Shell Script Training

Shell script is a file, which contains sequence of UNIX commands for particular functionality for UNIX based Operating System. We can also call it as a computer program designed to be run by a UNIX operating System. It is considered a scripting language. Operations performed by Shell Scripts include file manipulation, program execution, directory operations, displaying text ,setting up the environment, cleanup activities and logging etc.

Orange Techno Mind provides the best training for Unix Shell script in Chennai. Training is more career oriented and it is fully really time based. Well-experienced trainers from MNC companies conduct classes to achieve 100% results from the trainees.


Course has been prepared for the beginners to help the trainees to understand from basic to advanced concepts of UNIX, UNIX commands, UNIX shell scripting.

Unix Shell Script Training Syllabus

UNIX Training in ChennaiIntroduction

  • What is UNIX?
  • UNIX architecture
  • What is Shell?
  • What is command?
  • What is script?
  • Shell Initialization.

UNIX Training in Chennai Unix Streams

  • Stdin
  • Stdout
  • stderr

UNIX Training in Chennai Working with Files/Directories

  • Listing Files
  • Viewing the contents of a File
  • File Manipulation
  • The Directory Structure
  • Switching Directories
  • Listing Directories
  • Directory Manipulation
  • Copy a file
  • Rename a File
  • Delete a File
  • Hidden Files
  • Handling of Relative Path

UNIX Training in Chennai File Permissions

  • Permission Attributes
  • Permission Indicators
  • File/Directory Access Modes
  • Changing Permissions
  • Changing Owners and Groups
  • SUID and SGID File Permission

UNIX Training in Chennai Processes

  • Starting a Process
  • Foreground Process
  • Background Process
  • Listing and Running Process
  • Killing a Process (Kill command)
  • Parent and Child Process
  • Zombie Process
  • Daemon Process

UNIX Training in Chennai Shell Programming

  • Introduction
  • Variables
  • Substitution
  • Quoting
  • Flow Control
  • If statement
  • Case statement

UNIX Training in Chennai Programming Editor

  • Vi Editor
  • Usage instructions of Vi Editor

UNIX Training in Chennai Loops

  • While loop
  • For and select loop
  • Loop Control

UNIX Training in Chennai Parameters

  • Special Variables
  • Options and Arguments
  • Parsing in Scripts

UNIX Training in Chennai IO

  • Input
  • Output
  • File descriptor

UNIX Training in Chennai Function

  • What is function?
  • How to create function?
  • Sharing data between Functions
  • Examples

UNIX Training in Chennai Text Manipulation using commands

  • Head Command
  • Tail Command
  • Using Sed
  • What is awk?
  • Usage of awk.

UNIX Training in Chennai Other commands

  • Aval
  • :
  • Type
  • Sleep
  • Find
  • Xargs
  • Expr
  • Bc
  • Remote shell

UNIX Training in Chennai Pipes and Signals

UNIX Training in Chennai Inter process communication (IPC)

UNIX Training in Chennai Example Programs


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